• Mr. Chipman to me



    The news of Jane Gray’s death hit me like a brick to the head.  I knew things were not good but I anticipated her recovery.  She was my daughter in-law’s mother.  She was a wonderful person.

    Moments later I received a phone call telling me my childhood friend had just passed away in Dayton, Ohio.  From that moment through the next week the memories of the two of us growing from young boys to college age men filled my head.  These were memories only he and I shared.

  • Sit back and watch him fly...



    I for one am the worst when it comes to getting caught up in the day to day things but I received a phone call recently that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was standing in the grocery store when I noticed I had a voicemail from my baby brother. I must have looked like an idiot standing in the middle of the aisle as I could hardly move, mumbling under my breath the whole time about what on earth was he thinking to make such a impulsive decision and how he could leave such a message on my voicemail no less. 

  • Take time to visit the Vietnam Wall



    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited about the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall coming to Grant County next week.

  • Relying on the feds isn't a solution



  • Stop, appreciate what's around you



    Guest Column by Scott Switzer

  • Shigella prevention requires community action



    In 2011, as Northern Kentucky dealt with a Shigella outbreak and restrictions on children in pools, an interdisciplinary team of health department staff was brought together to curb the spread of the illness.

  • Hey, that's my idea!



    s the dark side of the moon begins overshadowing my newspaper career, that is, the asteroid of retirement blocking out the sunshine on my life’s work, I begin thinking of things that were.

  • Schools are one of our greatest assets



    Grant County does a lot of things right and one of the most impressive ones that I’ve seen lately is the Career and Technical Center at Grant County High School.

    Last week, the CTC at GCHS was awarded a PEAK (Public Education Achieves in Kentucky) award.

    The CTC opened in 2011 and the number of students taking classes there has grown from 650 to 811 in more than 10 areas of study. Last fall, they also offered classes to the community in things such as welding, ceramics, etc.

  • Determined, dedicated... We are runners



    Ask almost any runner with children why they run and somewhere in their answer you will hear this:

  • Holy Cow!



    ormer Grant County residents and now kind-of Owen County folks, Larry and June Osborne, are proud grandparents of Dalton Osborne.