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  • GC Youth Wrestling places second at state

    The Grant County Youth Wrestling is in its second season and was originally started by Curt and Sandy Messerly. The team recently competed at the Kentucky State Tournament in Lexinton. There were over 40 teams from across Kentucky. The Braves Youth Wrestling placed second place overall.

  • GCHS coach has high hopes for future

    By winning the District 32 championship for the first time in more than a decade, the 2014 Grant County Braves raised the bar for future teams. And that’s fine with Coach Brandon Grammer, who believes what the Braves accomplished this season is only the beginning of what the program is capable of.

  • Braves knocked out in overtime loss

    After pulling off a miracle comeback to win the district championship game, the Grant County Braves found themselves in a similar situation in first round action of the Region 8 Tournament on March 6.
    But this time Lady Luck failed the Braves, in their 65-57 loss to Collins High School at Henry County High School.

  • Students of the Week
  • WHS holds Renaissance Fair
  • CHURCH NOTES 3-13-14

    Christ Community Assembly of God
    • Sundays - Sunday School at 10 a.m. and worship service at 11a.m.; prayer at 3:30 p.m.; Wednesday service with adult Bible fellowship and KidZone at 7 p.m.
    • The Call to Purity Weekend was tremendous with great attendance. It appeared that everyone was convicted to make an honest effort to have more purity in their lives. The result is groups that will be meeting to have follow-up Bible studies on various subjects. For more information, contact one of the pastors or go to purelifeministries.org.

  • I will pray for you

    Have you ever said that to someone?  Maybe someone you know is hurting or going through a crisis? Maybe you know the hurt and pain and opportunities that your friend or relative is dealing with and you want God to do something big in their lives. Sometimes our prayers are for ourselves and for our crisis or problem or for an opportunity. No matter if the prayer is for you or for a friend we all want our prayers to be effective.

  • Police Reports 3-6-14

    (Editor’s Note: The Grant County News publishes all items in police beat that are submitted from each individual police agency. The News does not omit names from police reports.)

    Grant County Sheriff's Office

  • Taking a walk down memory lane

    As you read this I have less than four weeks left of my newspaper career.  So read on as I take a walk down memory lane.
    I came to Grant County, from Harrison County, in August of 1988. But, I’m old now so if I didn’t it doesn’t really matter as all the dates are in the past and it isn’t going to stop or change anything.
    Here’s a brief look at my first six months in Grant County.

  • Where did we come from; where are we going?

    What do you get when you have a Science Guy meet with a Young Earth Creationist to decide “is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?”  
    You can get a debate held at the seat of Answers in Genesis, the Creation Museum in Petersburg in Boone County in front of 900 audience members and upwards of 70 media members.