Today's News

  • Houchens named Forcht market president

    Forcht Bank announced today the selection of Craig Houchens as its new Market President for Grant County.   
    Craig Houchens has more than 21 years of banking experience, and has served Grant County his entire banking career.  He has spent the last 17 years at the Dry Ridge Banking Center in various capacities in management, customer service and lending.

  • Stanley elected Sgt. of Arms

    Doug Stanley, of Williamstown, representing Elliston-Stanley Funeral Homes in Williamstown and Crittenden and Hamilton-Stanley Funeral Home in Verona was elected the sergeant-of-arms for a one-year term at the Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky’s 129th annual convention.

    Participants received 10 hours of continuing education and heard from speakers concerning topics such as stress management and humor, finance and mourning and celebrations.

  • Weights, winds, trends and so-called friends

    Continuing from the last article, we’re examining the cultural weights, winds, trends and so-called friends that impede our individual and corporate spiritual progress. Let’s take a look at Distractions, Drift and Drag.


  • CHURCH NOTES 11.24.11

    Christ Community
    • Christ Community Church is excited about the future and Rhonda has been sharing her vision. God is giving the people a mind to work and move forward.
    • Sunday School is growing and starts at 10 a.m. and worship is at 11 a.m and at 6 p.m..  For more information, call 859-824-1824.

    Dry RidgeBaptist
    • Nov. 27 -  “Share Your Gift Service” during the regular p.m. worship service.
    • Nov. 27 – Monthly deacons meeting at 5 p.m.

  • Turning Back The Clock

    November 21, 1996

  • Another Place In Time

    Welcome to a new Another Place In Time photo. Do you know any of the people featured in the photo? If so, call your guesses into the Grant County News at 859-824-3343. See next week’s News for their identity.

    If you’ve got an old photo, you’d like to see featured in the News, bring it to the News office. Photos can be scanned and returned in the same visit.

  • Checklist for winter garden prep: Part 2

    Several years ago I made the mistake of leaving the water pump in the barn instead of storing it in the basement.  Well, I found out why Daddy always stored it in the basement during the cold days of winter. When I got the pump out to do some irrigation the following summer the primer tank had split right open. A little bit of moisture was left in the tank and it froze. The tank is made of cast iron so imagine what a little moisture might do to your favorite terracotta pot.


    The following Grant County offices will observe the following holiday schedules:
    • City of Corinth – closed Nov. 24 – 25, reopen Nov. 28; closed Dec. 23-26, reopen Dec. 27; closed Dec. 30 – Jan. 1, reopen Jan. 2
    • City of Crittenden – closed Nov. 24 – 25, reopen Nov. 28; closed Dec. 23 – 26, reopen Dec. 27; closed Dec. 30 – Jan. 2; reopen Jan. 2
    • City of Dry Ridge – closed Nov. 24 – 25, reopen Nov. 28; Dec. 23 – 26, reopen Dec. 27; closed Dec. 30 – Jan. 2, reopen Jan. 2

  • Connie Taylor works to preserve black history

    Connie Taylor got interested in preserving Grant County’s history when she was living in Arizona.

    Taylor, a native of Grant County, was working on genealogical research when she discovered her friend’s family were descendents of slaves. That got her to wondering about her own ancestry and the history of slaves in Grant County.