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    Property Transfers
    Aug. 4
    Guardian Homes to Ryan and Brittany Hogg, Eagle Creek, $138,500
    Aug. 5
    Heritage Bank to Guardian Homes, LLC, Eagle Creek, $25,000
    Jamie and Tammy Hornsby to Tammy Hornsby, Winnlynn Acres, $1
    Jeffrey Stith to Joseph and Amanda Hick, Brentwood Estates, $121,500
    Aug. 8
    Lelve and Pamela Brown to Arthur N. and Alycia Gividen, Baker Williams Road, $165,000
    Randall and Tammy Livengood to Robert and Julie Aulbach, Webb Odor Road, $15,000

  • Grant County Strings perform at board office

    Nickeil Alexander-Walker has one word to describe what type of player his cousin, Kentucky signee Shai Alexander, is.
     “Phenomenal. Phenomenal. Phenomenal. Phenomenal,” said Alexander-Walker, who is the

    Kentucky signee’s teammate at Hamilton Heights Christian Academy in Chattanooga. “He sees the floor great. He is really starting to score a lot more.

  • McDaniel resigns from Corinth Commission

    Lila McDaniel resigned from her position on the Corinth City Commission after a change in primary residence to Dry Ridge disqualified her from continuing to serve.
    McDaniel, a funeral director for several locations in Grant County, previously lived in Corinth but recently made a Dry Ridge address her primary residence.  She continued using her Corinth address to accommodate her schedule, since she works in both locations and is married to Grant County Coroner Robert McDaniel.

  • Former DR mayor back serving the city

    The Dry Ridge City Council will be joined by a familiar face with plenty of experience as they begin the new year.
    Former Dry Ridge Mayor Clay Crupper will begin his term on the council two years after losing to now-Mayor Jim Wells in his re-election bid.
    The 81-year-old was mayor of Dry Ridge for eight years from 2006 to 2014. He also previously served on the Dry Ridge City Council for 12 years from 1962 to 1974.
    Crupper also spent 18 years as state representative from 1974 to 1992 representing Grant County.

  • Boys don’t like girls who bite their nails

    For as long as I could remember, I was a nail-biter. Like the compulsive, bite-down-until-they-bleed kind.  
    I know, it’s a dirty, disgusting habit. You don’t have to tell me.
    In middle school, my older brother endowed me with the timeless wisdom, “Boys don’t like girls who bite their nails.”  
    Thanks, brother. Nice pep talk.

  • Ready to hear your stories

    Graduating with a journalism degree in 2016 can leave one feeling fearful of the future.  After all, journalism is a notoriously hard career to break into due to the industry’s current transition from print to online platforms.  
    So when you land a position at a respected news organization like the Grant County News, it certainly makes the countless hours of hard work feel worthwhile.

  • All the way with Jesus!

    In A.D. 64, according to history, Rome was ruled by one of the most wicked emperors to ever be named in the nation’s history. Emperor Nero was so wicked that he burnt Rome to the ground just to prove that he could build a bigger and better city.
    The citizens expected Nero of committing such evil acts, so to veer the attention away from him, he began to blame to Christians of the city for the crime.
    By that time, Paul had preached the Gospel to literally millions of people, and had the reputation of leading the church in the revival movement.


    (Editor’s Note: The Grant County News publishes all items in police beat that are submitted from each individual police agency. The News does not omit names from police reports.)
    Kentucky State Police executed a warrant for Andy H. Richardson, no age given, of Crittenden, at 9:57 p.m. Dec. 18 on Humes Ridge Road. Richardson was lodged at the Grant County Detention Center.