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  • Bagworms on the move
  • Do not be deceived

    Deception, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary online, is “the act of making someone believe in something that is not true.” Today, deception is so often promoted by mankind, often for a selfish motive. So often we hear of people being deceived into buying a certain product or service to find out that product or service does not meet the expectation of the company or person selling the product. Deception is often a lie, a con, a shame and yes, dishonesty.

  • Sometimes life shows up

    I have been privileged to sit under many great speakers and teachers in my life. Human behavior and spirituality has always been fascinating to me and it’s an honor to be involved with the work of the ministry.
    Years ago, I knew a special lady that enjoyed a full life of adventure and was used as a blessing to many.
    Included within her life of success and respect unfortunately there was also a great deal of tragedy and disappointment. It’s not that this is rare or unusual, but it was how well she responded when things went sour.

  • Dry Ridge Baptist looks forward to fresh start

    As members of Dry Ridge Baptist Church reflect on a Christian history that has spanned 200 years, they are excited about the church’s future.

    On July 22, the fellowship hall was filled with chatter as members carried in covered dishes, layer cakes and pies.

    It was a meet-and-greet fellowship with Brandon Burks, his wife Traci and their children, 3-year-old Haddon and 6-month-old Noël.
    Burks preached a trial sermon the next day and the church voted overwhelmingly to call him as a full-time pastor.

  • Corinth Post Office is a go

    After nearly a year, the waiting and watching for the City of Corinth Post Office’s resumption of service is almost over.  
    Since October 2016, postal services such as parcel pickup and delivery, outgoing mail and stamp purchases for Corinth have been handled out of the Williamstown Post Office.  
    Although P.O. boxes have been kept on the porch of the city building on Thomas Lane, rumors have swirled as to whether the post office will come back or not.  
    The wait, as they say, is finally over.


    (Editor’s Note: The Grant County News publishes all items in police beat that are submitted from each individual police agency. The News does not omit names from police reports.)
    Chief Rick Kells executed a warrant for Robert C. Curry, 42, of Dry Ridge, for failure to appear, at 10:15 a.m. July 25 on Race Street. Curry was lodged at the Grant County Detention Center.
    Officer Brad Morris executed a warrant for Jonathan N. Duke, 24, of Williamstown, at 9:45 p.m. July 29 on the Dry Ridge By-pass. Duke was lodged at the Grant County Detention Center.


    Derek Willis has had a hectic summer that culminated with him signing a one-year free agent deal with the Detroit Pistons that will have him reporting to training camp Sept. 26.
    However, this week he’s doing something a bit different — he’s holding basketball clinics on four Native American reservations in the Seattle area with help from his fiancée, Keely Potts.

  • New faces you’ll see...

    Grant County SchoolsName:    Allison Williams
    Family:  Mom: Lisa Crace; Dad: Tim Crace; Child: Payton Williams
    Subject/grade you’ll be teaching:  7th Grade Science - GCMS
    Previous teaching experience (including location and number of years):  3 years at Green Local Schools in Franklin Furnace, Ohio
    Describe your approach/philosophy to teaching?  I believe every child can learn when given the right tools and motivation.

  • WHS takes next step toward varsity soccer with JV program

    The Williamstown High School boys soccer team is one step closer to becoming a varsity program.
    Last year, the program had a freshman team that had a 0-10-2 record.
    This year, they are becoming a junior varsity team, with 12 returning players, with plans to move up to the varsity level in fall 2018.

  • Billboards remind drivers to stop for school buses

    As a new school year approaches, Kentucky drivers will soon see reminders to watch out for stopped school buses.
    This week, 51 billboards started going up across the state that warn of the danger of passing a stopped school bus. The billboards feature an extended stop sign arm on the side of a school bus with the words, “It’s not JUST a stop sign, it’s a child’s life.”