Local News

  • Playing with death

    A man slumps over the steering wheel of his truck in a driveway on Lebanon Road in Crittenden.
    A passing motorist calls for help.

    As Grant County Sheriff’s deputies approach the truck, they side step vomit, which covers the ground at the driver’s side door.
    The man is passed out, a partially filled syringe laying in the front seat.
    The deputies get the man in the cruiser and rush him to the hospital.
    Hospital staff work feverishly to save him from the drugs running through his body.

  • Dry Ridge changes utility bill due dates

    Dry Ridge residents will now have a little less time to pay their utility bills.
    A recent ordinance approved by the Dry Ridge City Council makes several changes to utility billing, including moving the due date from the last business day of the month to the 15th.
    If the 15th of the month falls on a weekend, the bill will then be due by 5 p.m. the next business day.
    Bills will continue to be mailed at the beginning of the month.
    A notice of the changes, which go into effect this month, was sent to residents along with their March bill.

  • Corinth approves Dollar General site plan

    The Corinth Board of Adjustments met on March 18 and approved a site plan for a proposed Dollar General Store.
    Dollar General was asking for a variance to the county’s zoning ordinance for four parking spaces per 1,000 feet of interior space as oppsed to the 5.5 spaces recquired in the county’s zoning ordinance.
    Corinth Mayor Billy Hill said the city had been working with representatives from Dollar General for several months.
    The store would be built at the site of a defunct car wash on Hwy. 330.

  • Distribution garden continues to grow in third season

    Heading into its third year, the Grant County Distribution Garden has proven if you grow it, they will come.
    The Grant County Fiscal Court, Grant County Extension Service, along with the Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission and the Vineyard Church of Grant County, joined in May 2011 to plant a 1-acre community garden on the grounds of the county maintenance facility on Hopperton Lane in Dry Ridge.
    The mission of the garden is to help feed those in need in Grant County, in particular seniors and low-income families.

  • Fires destroy several homes in Crittenden

    Grayish black smoke spilled from the attached garage of Jimmy Miller and Jennifer Cavin’s brick home on March 21 on Lebanon Road. A child’s blue plastic wagon sat in the yard as firemen fought the blaze with multiple hoses snaking across the grass.

    A charred air conditioner unit sat in the driveway.
    Yellow flames ripped from the bay window in the front of the house.
    All Miller and Cavins could do was sit and watch their home, their memories and the life they had made in Crittenden go up in smoke.


    Shayne’s mother knew her baby boy was up to something.
    Throughout each day, she would call her son at his Bellevue home to check on him.


    If he didn’t answer, she would be on her way.
    A day like any other in November 2011, Shayne picked up when his mom called, but his slurred speech worried her.
    She was at his house in minutes trying to get him out of a locked bathroom.

  • Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial comes to town

    Storme Vanover grew up with the Vietnam War playing on the family’s black and white television every night.
    Her foster brother served his country during that war and Vanover still vividly remembers traveling with her family to meet him at the Detroit Airport where police officers held back the crowds from mobbing the soldiers.

  • easy lasagna

    Grant County Cook: Vickie Jump

    Residence: Dry Ridge

    Background: native of Grant County

    Day job: In-home child-care provider for the last 12 years;  for 23 years prior to that worked in banking for Bank of Williamstown and Eagle Bank

    Describe the dish: “This is a special occasion kind of meal. My son, Jordan, requested it after he’d spent a week at camp for the first time.”

    Where’s the recipe from: “Somebody gave it to me and I modified it from there.”

  • Blaze guts DR home

    High winds hampered firefighters efforts in battling a blaze on Tuesday, March 19.

    Firefighters from Dry Ridge and four other fire departments in the county spent nearly four hours in firefighting and overhaul of a home owned by Dave Riley on Greenville Road.

  • Winter weather just won’t fade away

    Punxsutawney Phil must have got his fur crossed.
    Pennsylvania’s most famous rodent did not see his shadow on Feb. 2, which means that spring should be on it’s way.
    The old wives tale is if the groundhog sees his shadow on Feb. 2, there’ll be six more weeks of winter. The absence of the shadow had people hoping spring was going to be sprung soon.