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  • Fallen soldier remembered as a student, son, father

    Friends, family and educators gathered Feb. 8 to make sure the memory of fallen soldier Daniel Wallace was not forgotten.
    With purple flowers pinned on their shirts, attendees remembered the 2001 Grant County High School graduate not only as a father, a brother, a son and a friend, but also a student.
    National College in Florence, where Daniel was a graduate, dedicate a framed memorial to their former student.
    Daniel had a 3.4 grade-point-average when he graduated in National College’s Business Administration and Management program.

  • Sister keeps promise to dying father to keep family together

    Carol Jean Sponcil took advantage of last week’s warm temperatures to get outside and help her husband with their business, Crittenden Storage.

    To other family members, that’s not a surprise.

    “I would like to nominate my sister, Carol Jean Sponcil. She is the most caring and loving person you could ever meet. For many, many years she as helped her husband in all aspects of his business ventures. Her three grandchildren are a big part of her life and she loves to babysit whenever possible.

  • Bus driver gets students to school safely, on time

    My name is Jessica Code. I’m a fifth grader at Sherman Elementary School. I nominate Ronnie Atha for my special Valentine because he gets me to school safe and on time.

    He feels like family because he’s been my bus driver for five years and also has been a bus driver for over 40 years. He is a good bus driver. Virginia Conner also nominates her grandpa, Ronnie Atha because he gets her to school safe and on time as well. She also goes to Sherman Elementary as well and is in kindergarten.

  • Young son brings special joy to his mother

    When I use to think of the word “Valentine” as a little girl, it meant I got a Spiderman card and some candy for all the boys in class. Then as I got older, that idea changed.

    I would think of that special guy who made me happy, like my heart would explode from all of the bottled up love it held...like I was the most important thing in his world.
    These days, I still feel that way. Only this time that guy is a blonde- haired, blue-eyed, mischievous, out-going little boy and that feeling my heart feels is none other than that of a mother’s love.

  • David Mason shares love through annual scholarship

    Whether it’s cooking a meal for someone or dropping off a jar of homemade jam or jelly or even giving a Williamstown student a scholarship, David Mason of Dry Ridge is the man.

    “I would like to nominate Mr. David Mason for the special valentine. Each year, Mr. Mason has a scholarship opportunity for the seniors at Williamstown High School in memory of his late wife, Janice Mason, who was a teacher at Williamstown.

  • Edna Fogle willingly works, helps her family

    I would like to nominate my mother, Edna Fogle, for a Special Valentine.
    My mom and dad have been married for 56 years and are a devoted couple. From Nov. 2007 until Jan. 24, 2013, my dad has had five major surgeries and six months of chemotherapy. Mom has been by his side through it all.

    On Jan. 22, 2013, dad fell breaking his leg. Mom left her supper on the stove, climbed in the ambulance and at this writing is still at the hospital never leaving his side.

  • Brothers mean less drama, lots of love for only sister

    I would like to nominate two special people in my life, Ed and Ronnie Gabbert.
    These two men are two of the best role models anyone could ever look up to.

    They put God, family and friends first and are devoted husbands, fathers, papaws (Poppy) and brothers.
    They both also served in Vietnam. They would give you their shirt off their back if you asked. Well, they really would give it to you before you asked if they thought it would help. That is just how they roll!

  • Dry Ridge woman gives H.O.P.E.

    As soon as I saw this request, I knew just the perfect person who goes way beyond to help others.

    Kim Haubner, who runs H.O.P.E. (Helping People Out Everywhere), must be Superman’s sister, never falling on her faith that the Lord will provide.

    This lady spends hours and hours, day after day, getting people help and it’s not always someone in need of clothes and food, but in need of friendship and happiness they pass along to each family that enter H.O.P.E. I really am at a loss of words when it comes to describing how wonderful she makes others feel.

  • Husband is loving, generous to a fault

    I would love to nominate my husband, Gary A. Reynolds for the recipient of the Valentines Day award.  He is employed at Johnson Controls for 19 years.  He works third shift and puts in 60 to 72 hours a week.

  • Faith, love and caring nature define Pat Abeling

    Faith, love and caring nature define Pat Abeling

    Pat Abeling is special because of her faith, her love and caring nature.
    She’s so special, in fact, that the Crittenden resident was nominated not just by one family member, but a whole herd of family members.
    “My mom, Pat Abeling, is a special valentine because of her uncondidtional love for her family and friends. She’s truly inspiring. Her faith and love for Christ shows in her kindness and generosity and is an example for us all.