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  • Put that hammer down

    In my spare time I work as a freelance writer for an online content company writing home improvement articles for several national businesses and also catalog copy for Sears’ and Kmart’s websites.
    So, for more than a year now I’ve been writing about roofing and rain gutters and HVAC systems and energy efficient windows and the pros and cons of heat pumps and solar heating.
    Currently, I’m writing about Craftsman tools for Sears — swivel jaw hose and spark plug pliers, circular levels and No. 12 steel tap wrenches.


    Bethany Baptist
    • Sunday School at 10 a.m.; worship service at 11 a.m. and evening worship at 7 p.m.
    • Pastor - Donald Joe Kannady
    • The church is located at 7770 Lawrenceville Road in Holbrook. For more information, call 859-391-5993.

    Bible Believers Baptist
    • A new church in the Grant County area. Bible believing, old fashion hymns, preaching and spiritual songs, sound bible teaching and mission minded.


    (Editor’s Note: The Grant County News publishes all items in police beat that are submitted from each individual police agency. The News does not omit names from police reports.)
    Sgt. Dennis Switzer executed a warrant for Michael A. Roberts, 25, of Dry Ridge, for theft by unlawful taking (shoplifting), at 11:07 a.m. March 30 on Ruark Road. Roberts was lodged at the Grant County Detention Center.

  • GCMS gets ‘mad’ in March
  • WHS Baseball
  • Train vs. Tractor Trailer
  • FFLAG promotes Worksite Wellness awards

    FFLAG hopes to honor businesses with a real flag for their commitment to a healthy working environment.
    Since 2006, Fitness For Life Around Grant County, known as FFLAG, has recognized 19 businesses with its Worksite Wellness Award.
    The award is designed to honor worksites which have policies, programs and the infrastructure to support and promote healthy practices.
    The awards are visible flags that can be hung outside or displayed indoors, along with a citation from state representatives.

  • New law designed to curb heroin epidemic

    Tougher penalties for traffickers and treatment options for addicts highlight a compromise reached by lawmakers in the fight against the heroin epidemic.
    The legislation, known as Senate Bill 192, passed 34-4 in the state Senate and 100-0 in the House.
    Because it contains an emergency clause, it takes effect immediately.

  • Jail repairs estimated at $1.5 million

    Stepping inside the kitchen at the Grant County Detention Center isn’t pretty.
    Water spews continually from a faucet, while more water covers parts of the tile floor as it backs up from a drain.
    For a facility that feeds more than 300 people a day, cooking is completed on three burners because the rest don’t work.
    Monday’s lunch is two slices of bread, a glop of peanut butter, applesauce, a cookie and a small Styrofoam cup of tea.

  • Easter is for laughing

    When I was a new Christian, I discovered a portrait of Jesus called the “Laughing Christ” at a Christian book store.
    At the time I was attending a serious church, a church where the thought of Jesus laughing was most likely frowned on. Maybe Jesus smiled at babies and puppies, but telling jokes with his friends? God forbid.
    Consequently, because the serious people at that serious church were so serious about their Christian faith, they presented Jesus as serious too. Serious equals somber and sober, which equals humorless and kinda mean.