Around Grant County


    15 Years

  • Too good to be true?


    January 22, 1998
    Kimberly Bowen, formerly of Grant County, received a master’s of divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas.  She is a 1986 graduate of Simon-Kenton High School and a 1991 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. She is the daughter of Walter and Alice Bowen of Burlington.

  • Quality, care means equipment lasts longer

    January 15, 1998
    Brent Caldwell, a former dispatcher and police officer for Williamstown has been hired as a 911 dispatch employee. Caldwell was hired in a special meeting on Jan. 8 by the board of directors of the county’s Public Service Communications Center. Caldwell is the son of Williamstown Mayor Glenn Caldwell.

  • Trunk damage can girdle trees

    The farm looks like a storm hit recently but it’s really just my husband’s new deer deterrent technique.  It seems to be working.  In the past we have forgone the Irish Spring soap, human hair and coyote urine for more reliable barriers.  Tomato cages, tobacco stakes, wire, spiral plastic trunk wrap and yes, an occasional arrangement of lawn chairs have created distance between rutting and browsing deer.  


    January 1, 1998
    Pvt. Joshua Souder graduated on Nov. 12, after 15 weeks of training at Ft. Sill, Okla., with Delta battery 19th field artillery 4th platoon. He is a 1997 graduate of Grant County High School. Souder is the son of Bill and Brenda Souder of Corinth.  


    December 25, 1997
    Navy Lt. Marcus C. Camacho, a 1988 graduate of Grant County High School in Dry Ridge is scheduled to spend the holidays forward deployed to Atsugi, Japan with carrier Early Warning Squadron 115. He joined the Navy in May 1988. Camacho is a 1992 graduate of the U.S. Navel Academy in Annapolis, Md. with a bachelors degree.

  • Follow your instinct

    If there was anything that I came to understand more profoundly this year it would have to be the power of instinct: mine, our animals and the forces of ideologies of which I agree and disagree.  I reread my year end column from 2011 which reminded me of where I was 12 months ago; it helps me better appreciate where I am today.  It seems we didn’t do too badly, after all, and it’s all because both Andy and I recognize the power of instinct.

  • Starlings flock

    Last Sunday I felt like I was under siege!  There were starlings everywhere; so much so that I feared being splattered with poop at every turn.  The surprising thing about starlings is that they are everywhere yet not from here.  It’s another story of one good intention going bad. Apparently back in 1890, in honor of a Shakespeare festival in New York City’s Central Park, 60 European starlings were released.  The following year another 40 were released and today the bird is one of the most numerous species in North America.