Young son brings special joy to his mother

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When I use to think of the word “Valentine” as a little girl, it meant I got a Spiderman card and some candy for all the boys in class. Then as I got older, that idea changed.

I would think of that special guy who made me happy, like my heart would explode from all of the bottled up love it held...like I was the most important thing in his world.
These days, I still feel that way. Only this time that guy is a blonde- haired, blue-eyed, mischievous, out-going little boy and that feeling my heart feels is none other than that of a mother’s love.

I know almost all parents believe that their children are miracles but for me that word means so much more.
Jameson, my strong, independent little man with a mind of his own, fought to enter this world and throughout this first year of his life, has continued to fight and prove the world wrong, one day at a time.

You see, Jameson is not your normal baby. He never will be normal but he is mine and all of the imperfections he has to the rest of the world are perfect to me.

He has taught me to love hard, with no regrets. To be the person I want to be because no matter what he’ll love me for the way I am even when no one else does.

If you would have asked me a year and nine months ago what was important, I would have told you- guys, shopping and friends.
Ask me that same question now and I’ll tell you the most important things in the world come wrapped in a 24-pound package. The smiles. The laughs. The curiosity that the world around us creates when you’re only 34 inches tall and a year old.

He isn’t just my Valentine on Feb. 14...he’s my Valentine, my heart and my soul all year-round...for the rest of my life.