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Bredenberg is a
man of integrity

I’m writing to support my friend, Richard Bredenberg, running for re-election to the Grant County School Board. I’ve known him 40 years and can say he’s a man of integrity and will always have the children’s best interest at heart. He’s taught in the public school system 33 years and 10 years at NKU.
He’s worked hard as a member and chairman. The district has built a new elementary school  and Career/Technical Center which is amazing. This is a place where our children can get advanced training skills to keep up with higher technology. He’s developed strong partnerships with industry and Gateway Community/Technical College in areas of dual credit and advanced manufacturing opportunities. Hired a dynamic new superintendent. Test scores have improved.  Doing all this, they’ve held our tax rates to the lowest in Northern Kentucky.
We must keep up with new technology and prepare our children for higher education and/or the work force. We cannot go back to blackboards and textbooks and expect our children to be prepared.
Proud of him and his accomplishments. Vote to keep Bredenberg on the Grant County School Board on election day on Nov. 6.
Christine Hicks

Hammons will bring
fresh leadership

I have been in the public arena for more than 30 years, most recently serving eight years as state auditor and I am proud to support Wanda Crupper Hammons for State Representative in the 61st District.
Wanda has lived her life in public service and is following in the footsteps of her father, the well respected former state legislator Clay Crupper.  As a professional EMT, Wanda has proven her commitment to serving the public with diligence and integrity.
She is exactly the kind of legislator we need in Frankfort. She will bring fresh new leadership, detailed knowledge of Grant, Owen and Gallatin Counties and a commitment to work with others to move the state forward.
Join me in supporting Wanda Crupper Hammons for State Representative on Nov. 6.
Crit Luallen
Former state auditor

Linder is the true
conservative voice

I am writing a letter supporting Brian Linder’s candidacy in House District 61.
Many times we don’t consider how our vote on local issues and candidates can have an effect on national policy. Linder’s opponent supports Greg Stumbo, Speaker of the House, who is a supporter of President Obama and his liberal policies.
Therefore, I urge you to vote for Brian Linder who will truly be a conservative voice to represent our views in Frankfort.
David Shepherd

No fine print with
Linder in office

As is far too often the case, when the time comes for those in office to relinquish their position of influence, their main focus becomes determining their own successor.
Such is the case with this year’s race for the 61st state house seat. The popular, well respected, and likely unbeatable,incumbent filed for re-election. Then, at the original filing deadline on January 31, 2012, the current Democratic nominee filed to run. At that time and for the next 10 days she was in fact running against Rep. Adams – the man whose endorsement has since become the central theme of her campaign.
What couldn’t be foreseen, though, in the weeks leading up to the original filing deadline was that the deadline to file for office would be extended twice by the Franklin Circuit Court.  As the days passed, word began to leak out about the pending withdrawal, giving others additional time to evaluate a potential run.  What was further unanticipated was that all the top democratic candidates recruited to run would pass on the opportunity.    
Four years ago, we experienced a somewhat similar occurrence regarding the race for Grant County Attorney. A handpicked successor was not only named, but appointed to office. Outraged, the voters of Grant County rebelled and promptly elected the Republican candidate, Joe Taylor.
The lesson is simple: people do not like being denied a choice and do not like having others determine their options for them.  Whether such was the case this year is up to each individual voter to decide, but the timing of the filings and withdrawals is a matter of public record and is not subject to opinion.
One thing is certain though, with Brian Linder as State Representative the people of the 61st district will not have to worry if his conservatism will fade when he gets to Frankfort; will not have to worry whether he will fight any encroachment of Obamaism upon the people of Kentucky; and, won’t have to worry about reading the “fine print” on anything he says or does. Honesty, integrity and principal matter and your vote for state representative has never mattered more.
Pete Whaley