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Low turnout disappoints poll worker
I worked one of the voting booths in the recently held primary elections. I was disappointed in the low turn out. I do understand some of the reasons why the people in Grant County do not vote. These reasons are all true.
Our candidates either can’t or won’t keep the promises they make while campaigning. Nothing will change to make our lives better. We can elect an official and have it turned by seven or eight states through the electoral process. This has happened in the past. The last, but worst case, is happening in Wisconsin. An elected governor because of a special interest group (Union) disagreement has to re-run for office he won. All it required was a few thousand signatures. Can you imagine this happening in every local, state or federal election? The number of signatures required should be equal to or greater than half of the votes cast.
It has become clear that our political parties cannot work together. The majority of both parties sit on their hands and only raise them to disagree with any ideas or solutions that originated from the other party. Therefore, nothing gets done. I am a registered Republican but have never voted a straight ticket. It is sad but it appears we must vote one party in control of both houses and the presidency. Give them four years and if they do not perform to our expectation, vote the other party in with complete control.
For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we cannot be known as the generation that gave up and threw our nation to the wolves. Grant County pride must rise for the elections in November. A record number of voter turn out just might lead to Kentucky Proud. Dare we think that Kentucky Proud just might lead to America Proud. United we stand, divided we fall has never been so true. I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the polls in November.
Frank Goodpaster
Dry Ridge

GCHS Career, Tech Center Impressive
Recently, I have had an opportunity to visit the Grant County Career and Technical Center at Grant County High School.  The opportunities available to the high school students are extensive.
There is no reason for anyone, attending The Grant County High School, not to exceed in one or more of the classes available.  The choices are numerous.  The subjects are fascinating and inviting to anyone who wants a challenge.
Dear parents:  Encourage your children to stay in school.  Tell them how important a high school diploma is.
Dear students: Not too many high school students have this opportunity available to them.  Please take advantage of these classes.  Do your best.  Be proud of your accomplishments. As you go through life you will find yourself becoming,  structured, disciplined, self-reliant, and  dependable.
Catherine Monk

Soccer team learns

from trash pick up
The GCHS boys and girls soccer team and the GCMS soccer teams took part in a roadside litter pickup sponsored by Grant County Solid Waste Board. Together, the teams cleaned up 30 miles of road. The weather was chilly and we had a good time but it was sort of depressing to see how much junk people are dumping on the side of the road in our county.
Together, we collected over 60 large garbage bags worth of trash but that wasn’t the worst of it. We also found and collected tires, a car bumper, a bath tub and other large items. It’s completely ridiculous for people to dump this kind of stuff on the side of the road when any county resident can take household items to the Epperson landfill on any day for free.
Most people in the county care about the environment and would never dump stuff on the side of the road. The teams hope that everyone in the county will remember about the free disposal and think about the environment before trashing the county’s roads.
Forrest Schmitt