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Save us from ourselves, mindless government

Anti-discrimination laws. At first glance, it seems a good, positive thing but is it? Under further examination and thought, it takes on a more ominous tone. Foremost, it makes thought apart from government approved thought, illegal. In certain areas, you are no longer allowed to make distinctions between good and bad, good and evil. That, in and of itself, is evil. It is also anti-liberty. We are instructed to view everything as the same, that there is no difference between men and women, homosexual and heterosexual, no culture is better than another, all religious beliefs are equal in truth, etc.
I am instructed in scripture, that discernment is one of the gifts of the holy spirit. Also, that “The man with the spirit (God’s) makes judgment about all things.” Well, now God’s spirit is illegal. And yes, I am prejudiced but not in the way the word or concept is usually used. It is not about race. There is one race, the human race but culture is another thing. I think the culture given us by our founding fathers is now under horrendous attack, as much from within as without. I am prejudiced concerning Christianity. I firmly believe that the only way to be saved from the sins of this world and be given the keys to the kingdom of Heaven, is through the shed blood of Christ or Messiah, Jesus, the son of God. All other “ways” be it Islam through Wiccan, lead but to the lake of fire. Recently, at Vanderbilt University, a Christian group, because of anti-discrimination, were told they would have to admit atheists and even accept one as their leader. In other words, they were not allowed to separate themselves at any point from the world. Where are the students liberty of thought and conscience?
Ditto the Boys Scouts of America. To be a scout, you must profess a belief in God. Well, this is discriminatory. Also, they are under attack for not allowing homosexual scout masters. God bless them for using ever common sense. They have been refused access to certain historical lands and defunded by the United Way for holding to their principles. Hiring quotas are an offshoot or anti-discrimination laws. A businessperson cannot use common sense to determine who would best serve their interest best. The liberty of discernment is not allowed. In convoluting, the concept of anti-discrimination, we can’t even defend or close our borders to illegal infiltration. And when the states take it upon themselves to do what the federal government refuses to do, they are taken to court. It is now illegal to be illegal. Lord God, save us from ourselves. Lord God, save us from our mindless government.
Chuck Estridge