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Thanks for the Christmas Spirit, Williamstown


To the amazing people of Williamstown,
Our family would like to thank all the people who have reached out and helped us while my husband is unemployed. The Williamstown community has such caring and compassionate people. We were transplanted here in Williamstown five years ago from Indiana and could not ask for a better place to have moved to. Our three children and ourselves have been blessed over and over again by the people here. Everyone went way above and beyond to help us make it through this challenging time. You all spoiled our family over the holidays in more ways tha n you can imagine. The kids have learned the importance of thinking of those less fortunate than themselves, as well as being thankful for what we do have. Not to mention making the true meaning of Christmas shine clearer and brighter than ever to us this year. What a beautiful place to live and raise a family. Thank you so much Williamstown.
Stacey Montgomery