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Sharia: coming soon to you!

Some years ago, I saw a disturbing report. In the Sudan, the Islamic government had declared war over the Christians and Animists in the south who refused to convert to Islam. The Islamic government referred to them as rebels. Under Sharia, anyone who doesn’t submit to Islam, is less than human and must pay tribute to Islam. These are dirt poor African villagers with nothing to pay. Not paying tribute, they’ve had their village bombed by aircraft and all food cut off from the south. Under Sharia, they are also subject to being put to death or dismemberment, rape of their wives and daughters or sold into slavery. Yes, Virginia slavery is alive and well in the Sudan under Islamic law. There were scenes of villagers with a crutch under one arm to support themselves because one leg had been cut-off. The reason for one crutch was because they only had one arm left as the other had been cut-off on the opposite side as well.
The Hollywood types, such as George Clooney have been calling for relief in southern Sudan. Very well, but never a word about the cause of the trouble is, Islam is the problem, but then, that would be politically incorrect. Imagine Clooney’s outrage if the perpetrators were reversed. Rosie O’Donnell says Christianity is a greater threat to America than radical Islam. Oh, please Rosie, Christianity indeed says your lifestyle is an abomination to God but you are free to practice your perversion. Under Sharia, you’re beheaded.
Recently, President Barack Obama has sent 100 combat troops into Uganda and Sudan to combat what is termed “The Lords Resistance Army” who are accused of the very things the Islamic government in northern Sudan is guilty of and has been for years. Is the L.R.A. the bad actors they are being accused of?  I don’t know, but I do know what the government of Sudan is guilty of.  My question is, why has our President taken the side of Islam?  To be kind, he has repeatedly been pro- Islam, and to what end. What is his agenda?  He already announced to the world that the U.S. is no longer a Christian Nation, bowed to the Moslem King of Saudi Arabia etc. Right now, Christians are being killed in the streets of Egypt and fleeing many parts of the Middle East, all part of his praising of the Arab Spring. Sharia; coming soon to a neighborhood near you.
Chuck Estridge