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Everyone should be paying fair taxes

There is an oft repeated mantra by liberal progressives that the rich need to pay their “fair share.” I agree. A fair share suggests equal portions to all, regardless of circumstance. Our current tax code is progressive. The more you make, you are progressively taxed at a higher rate. There is nothing fair about that.
Forty-two percent of the population pays zero income tax. What is fair about that? They have no skin in the game. Political demagogues are eager to buy the votes of this large block by promising to soak the rich in order to pay their way. Demagogues then cloak their banditry as compassion for the poor. In order to actually be fair, we need the Fair Tax, which has little chance of passing because the demagogues would lose power.
In a similar vein, a few weeks ago, George and Lillian Ignaszak, of Corinth, wrote that the wealthy don’t pay their “fair share” into Social Security. As written, their letter is somewhat misleading. It would have you believe that only those making less than $106,800 pay 6.5 percent of earnings, while the wealthy pay a lower percentage. Not true. Everyone pays 6.5 percent until they reach the $106,800 limit. After that, they pay a lower percentage toward Medicare.
Social Security is becoming insolvent. It would seem that they want the government to further exploit the rich to cover their own incompetency.
The government has forever robbed the money paid into Social Security for a gang of give away programs, in order to buy votes. Some “lock box,” huh! All that’s in the “lock box” is a bunch of promissory notes payable in worthless dollars, since the notes were written.
The problem isn’t that the wealthy aren’t paying enough—the problem, the government is spending too much.
Many of our citizens are demanding the government provide for them more and more, as if they have no personal responsibility. It’s called socialism, folks. It comes at a high price: liberty, being among them. We are looking more toward government and less toward God. And in case you haven’t noticed, government is increasingly opposed to God—He is too much competition.
Chuck Estridge