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‘Our freedoms were not free’

By The Staff

There is a battle in our country. It is going on every day and it is being fought without many people even knowing it is happening. It is the battle for our American way of life and the freedoms that we treasure and enjoy.

Slowly our freedoms and control over our own lives have slipped away from us. Our government has grown bigger and more powerful. Along with that power to tax and regulate us, comes a hunger to continue and expand government until America is no longer the country of freedom and liberty that she was designed to be by our founders. We are being tricked into a state of believing that being taken care of by the government is a good thing. Redistribution of wealth has been made to sound like a good thing. In reality we are being enabled by government to be a disabled people.

Americans are creative, strong, independent, self-reliant and freedom-loving people who like to think for ourselves. If we are to continue to be, we must stand up for freedoms that America was founded on. Remember our freedoms were not free. Many Americans have given their lives so that America can be this country of freedom. Stand up for America this November. Vote for freedom to continue in America.

Ann Greene