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Grant County News gets ‘2 thumbs up’
I believe your paper has become better in the last few months. The last two, I have really enjoyed.
You are keeping up with the local government issues—the fair and all the pictures.
But the community, the people stories are a real blessing. Robin Doyle, Rebecca Ailstock and this week, Hubert Lusby’s story. Dildine says “Sew” long to Quilt Box (I don’t know any of these, but enjoyed the articles).
The letters to the editor are what I look at first, just to see how people are thinking. I also commend you for your church page and the once a month full page, with scripture. I enjoy the “Down and Dirty,” “Turning Back The Clock,” “Another Place In Time,” Let Your Voice Be Heard and Personally Speaking. I could go on and on. Keep up the good work and thank you.
Sondra Bailey
Verona, Ky.

Wealthy should pay fair share
Why don’t we make the wealthy pay their ‘fair share’ into Social Security instead of letting the low and lower middle class wage earners carry the load? 

Why is there a cutoff on earnings where a person no longer has to pay into social security? A person earning less than $106,800 a year has to pay 6.5 percent of their earnings into Social Security, but anyone earning more than that does not have to ‘pay their fair share’ of their earnings. The 6.5 percent is on the backs of the people with the lowest earnings.” An individual earning $213,000 is only contributing 3.25 percent. An individual earning $326,000 is only contributing 2 percent. Individuals earning $500,000 –are paying less than 1 percent into Social Security! And ‘bonuses’ should be included as social security taxable since any moneys derived as a result of work output has to be considered as taxable “income.” By the way, once an individual’s pay for the year goes over the Social Security limit (this year $106,800) their paychecks reflect a 6.5 percent increase for the rest of the year. The percentage of income being paid as a ‘fair share’ into Social Security diminishes even more the higher up the income scale you go. Yet, these individuals will still get to draw the maximum from Social Security when they retire – they get more for their much lower percentage paid into than the lower wage earners, why is that? It is happening now with the wealthy and is getting worse. We have bailed out the high income types in insurance, finance and banking, who are paying a fraction of less than .5 percent of their total income into Social Security, even though the business people made some wrong decisions. They did not get penalized and they get to draw the maximum from Social Security, even though they did not ‘pay their fair share’ into it. The burden is on the lower income earners to foot the bill for the executives – again.

Forget the foreign policy guffaws that are currently in place and forget the subsidies. The heck with giving foreign workers, who work in the United States, income tax and Social Security tax exemptions for up to seven years! These foreigners have displaced American workers and are reaping the benefits of this country without giving back to this country. Those ‘green cards’ are displacing American workers.
We are really tired of hearing about the problems with Social Security and with the ‘tax loopholes’ and subsidies that are only available to the wealthy and ‘business people.’ Let’s get it fixed NOW without all of the rhetoric and the politics.

George and Lillian Ignaszak