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Mann appreciates GCHS Football Boosters
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the volunteers who make up the Grant County Football Boosters. Because of their hard work the boosters supply 100 percent of the funding for the Grant County Middle School football program and over 80 percent for the Grant County High School football program.
They provide the Grant County Youth Football and cheerleaders with valuable equipment and supplies to help the youth of Grant County learn and play the great game of football. The youth league this year became responsible for maintaining the fields at Grant County Middle School, which includes watering, fertilizing and seeding. The boosters purchased valuable equipment to make this possible. The football budgets for the schools include helmets, shoulder pads, mouth pieces, footballs, jerseys when needed, pre-game food and drinks, paint for the fields, transportation and football camps. They also purchased an updated weight system necessary for the success of the football players. These weights will also be utilized by several other athletic teams at Grant County High School.
Without the hard work of a handful of dedicated members, football would not be possible in Grant County. Their selfless dedication and hard work to the sons and daughters of our county often go unrecognized, but will never be forgotten.
All family and fans of Grant County Football are invited to help us give the kids of Grant County the successful program they deserve. Meetings are held at 6:45 p.m. on Thursdays and at 2 p.m. on Sundays at the JMB Hall.
Scott Mann
Grant County Football Booster President

Times are tough, people are hungry
Are you kidding me—$632,000 for a press box? Doesn’t anyone watch TV or read the paper? People in this county are losing their homes and going hungry. School boards all over this nation are asking for more taxes to pay for real education. Are we that blind that we can’t see our neighbor’s needs or do we not care?
I hope the next time we have $635,000 to blow, we put it towards education. Maybe we can send some students to college.
Ron Colson, tax payer
Dry Ridge

Vampire scrapers supplement income
We used to know times were hard when we saw people doing “dumpster diving” for aluminum cans. However, I guess since more people are recycling in their own homes, this has been phased out.
Now it’s been replaced by what I like to call “vampire scraping.” Since my grandson Tylor and his friends are into this to make money, I have been introduced to scraping.
My trash is collected on Wednesday mornings and we put the trash  out on Tuesday evenings. Last Tuesday, I put out my trash, which included two metal framed kitchen chairs. It was dark already when I carried it to the curb. Those chairs weren’t out there for two minutes when the vampire scrapers came to fetch them in hopes of making some extra money! I was sitting outside smoking a cigarette when I saw this take place.
Evidently these scrapers know when trash days are and take their trucks around various Grant County areas on designated evenings—the night before the trash can be collected the next morning.
About two hours later, I sat outside again and saw another truck come around filled to the gills with metal trash. I saw a swing-set, bunk bed, metal springs, etc.
Times are hard for everyone these days and these vampire scrapers are supplementing their income by doing this. My grandson told me he and his friends were driving around one night looking for scrap, but honestly I didn’t realize what he meant by that. I learned what he meant on that Tuesday evening—I guess he’s a vampire scraper too.
Glenna Roulette

Ignaszak family appreciates Bruce family
Our whole family attended the Bruces’ family fireworks again this year as we have done for the past 18 years. To watch our grandchildren’s eyes light up, with all the beautiful fireworks was amazing. The crowd was large but orderly. Everyone throughly enjoyed the wonderful display of fireworks lighting up the sky.
We would like to thank the Bruce family Jewel, Lee and Scott for this yearly event. What a wonderful display of patriotism. Families young and old enjoying each other and the beautiful fireworks.
Our sincere thanks to the Bruce family for this wonderful evening that we enjoyed with so many others.
George and Lillian Ignaszak and family