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Inmate program helped make fair success
Without the help of several Class D inmates, this year’s fair could not have been the success that it was. A special thank you goes to Terry Peeples, Richard Clise and Steven Skinner for a job far beyond the call. Having them working side by side with us and the inmates made everyone more comfortable and the arrangement was certainly appreciated.

Every year when I start planning for the fair kitchen, starting in the early spring, I make a plea to the county detention center for their support and  several inmates to help grill, man the fryers, clean, fill the drink boxes, ice the drinks, prep and supply orders to the cashiers in our food booths for six to seven hours of hard labor for the grueling eight nights of the Grant County Fair. Board members, and committee members alike, work with the “orange shirts” to make everything go as smoothly as possible, checking temperatures, watching for any defects, supplying the cooks with fresh products and keeping the condiments fresh and available in a timely manner, which made my job easier.  

When the events of the evening end, our real jobs begin: clean up, putting everything back in its place and getting ready to start over the next day. We begin every shift by chowing down on real country cooking brought in to make the guys ready to give 110 percent, in order for our kitchen run smoothly. My biggest job, inventory control, involves checking and rechecking to be sure we have products ready for frying and grilling to fill our orders.  

Never have we had a better group of guys to work than with this year, and even the deputies jumped in to glove up and help wrap burgers during the rushes. Every night they also brought an ATV to assist the kitchen in running supplies to our satellite stations.

We could not have done it without you guys. Thanks again for a job very well done.  We so appreciate you.

Also, I can’t forget those special people who gave up their fair night to help in the kitchen. An extra special thank you to Margaret Poor and Jean Huff who where there every night from start to finish—ladies, you are priceless! We are all volunteers, but those who come to help like we had this year are especially appreciated. Could not have done it without you for sure.  Thanks again everybody!
Marlene McComas
Concessions Coord.
Grant County Fair Board