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Simple questions may have ‘painful answers’
The questions below are apolitical and have absolutely nothing to do with either the Democratic or Republican parties. It is about America (land that we love) and her present leader.
It is clear that President Obama is a Democrat, and to be brutally honest—my present line of thinking would be more on the Tea Party line—strong national defense, love of and support for our military, smaller government, balanced budget, lower taxes, etc. I have voted for members of both parties (may the best person for the job win) on numerous occasions. Therefore, these questions are asked by a simple-minded American citizen who is concerned about leadership and how America may be viewed by her enemies and her allies.
• Just how LOW could President Obama bow to the Saudi king if he practiced?
• How may times will he apologize to other world leaders for America’s supposed past sins?
• How many times in the next year and a half of his term will he blame his predecessors?
• How many I(s) can President Obama fit into a 15 minute speech?
• If ObamaCare is so good for us citizens, why have over 1,300 waivers been issued?
• Will he now open up the rest of his sealed records, so we may learn more about our 44th president?
• Why would our commander-in-chief play GOLF on MEMORIAL DAY, during WARTIME?
The questions are not that disturbing, but the answers could be painful. May God bless this great country and all of our leaders. Let me also pose a question to my old college professor at Murray State University: How about those Navy SEALS? Where do we get such men?
Ed Burton
Dry Ridge