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Elderly, low income saved thousands on tax prep

I want to thank the community for the support it provided to the AARP Taxaide effort.

We were able to assist over 140 clients prepare their tax returns or answer their tax questions. This adds up to over $28,000 in savings for these elderly and mid to low income individuals whose budgets would be greatly affected by paying a paid preparer.

We would like to express our thanks to the Grant County News and Williamstown Cable for the advertising, as well as many local merchants who put up posters. We would also like to thank the Williamstown Senior Center for allowing us to use their facility to provide these services.

Ed Puralewski
Grant County Coordinator
AARP Taxaide

Everything was aligned, Bin Laden’s number was up

I just wanted to comment on the article: “Bin Laden is Dead, how do you feel?” As I was reading your wonderful article, I started thinking about numbers. When I see a date, birthday, or just a special number, I try to make it fit with the story it goes to. I don’t know why I do this, its always just been a habit of mine, and it might not mean anything to others, but its everything to me.

Has anyone looked at how the dates of Sept. 11, 2001 and the day Bin Laden died, May 1, 2011, correspond with each other? Think about it—the day the twin towers were destroyed was on the 11th, we killed Bin Laden in the year 2011. Then the year the Twin Tower bombings were in the year 2001, Bin Laden died on the May 1. Both years, and days of both events are the same. What are the odds, something Bin Laden thought up to bomb buildings in our wonderful country of the U.S.A. would come back and kill him with the numbers of the dates being the exact same?

It may be something to discuss, and I know once people see the similarities in the numbers, they too will be amazed. In my opinion, the numbers being the same are the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thanks for the time, and again, great work you all do at the Grant County News. Thank you for always keeping our small town updated with what’s going on here, and around the world. World peace.

Erin Barnes
Dry Ridge