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Kennedy opinion brings response
I read with interest the letter from Ron Kennedy. There’s no doubt that he is a liberal who is willing to promote and accept a socialist/Marxist style of government. This is just sad—sad—sad.
Gary R. Adkins

Church, state leads to false doctrine
Ron Kennedy, I love you, guy. You always provide a perfect example of liberal/progressive sophistry and confusion. In rebutting my letter concerning the Tea Party, you made it mainly about the false doctrine of separation of church and state, which I didn’t even mention. But, since you did, I’ll give you till the end of the century to show me that phrase in the Constitution.
The current application of the “separation of church and state” metaphor actually is a recent concept rather than the enforcement of a long-standing constitutional principle. In 1947, the American Civil Liberties Union made the argument before a liberal Supreme court in Everson versus Board of Education. Not finding the principle in the Constitution, the liberal judges found it under their infamous penumbra and emanations concept. In the words of Hugo Black, “The Constitution says what we say it says.”
Original intent becomes meaningless. Since 1947, tons of outrageous rulings have proceeded from this false metaphor. Few things have hurt America more.
As for Sarah Palin having a sixth grade mentality, that’s according to who, you Ron? Any conservative man or woman who has been through the modern educational/indoctrination system and still thinks socialism/communism stinks; well, they must be dumb. They just don’t have the mental capacity to appreciate the social justice of socialism.
Yet, the liberal media and entertainment industry is in agreement with you. Any strong conservative woman is lampooned and her intellect laughed at. That’s because she is a threat to their Utopian mindset and you embrace their propaganda.
No, Ron, I’m sure that you are in disagreement with everything Sarah Palin says, but I have not questioned your intellect, that’s a liberal tactic. As for the metaphor, separation of church and state being constitutional, that’s a lie and we know who the father of lies is.
Chuck Estridge

When Democrats win, you lose
The Pledge of Allegiance to the United States flag is made “to the republic for which it stands.” That flag representing a republic, not a democracy, not a dictatorship and certainly not to a world intrusive empire, which we have become. Progressive, Marxism (highly controlling) governments offer nothing but hunger, torture, oppression, death and tyranny. The new world order, so highly praised by Obama, has made our nation one of sheep, or as USSR Joe Stalin put it, “useful idiots.”
When the all-important common people are the all-important center of society, you have a republic. When the government power, conquests and interests of a few ruling elite become the center of society, then society has degraded and collapsed into an empire of dictators. This is now where we find ourselves as a nation; a slow rot that began when Obama took power.
Don’t be surprised that you’re getting the same old results when Democrats are in charge; they win, you lose. What are “we the people,” not the government, going to do about it?
Mickey Price