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Birkholtz sees big picture
My compliments to the sports writer in the Feb. 17 edition of the Grant County News. Matt Birkholtz wrote the story on the boys basketball Senior Night game at Williamstown High School titled, “Can’t catch a break: Demons lose to Warriors in final seconds” and did a fantastic job at capturing, not only the loss, but the emotion of the game. It was evident in his story that the players had learned lessons in the game that was not just the win or the loss. Birkholtz, after witnessing an emotional team emerging from the locker room, just looked at us and said, “I think I will come back tomorrow and interview the seniors.”
As a small school, Williamstown has experienced disappointing losses in athletics and has struggled to compete against many larger schools. Birkholtz recognized the battle and the emotion in the Senior Night at Williamstown. The end of his article focused on a positive note for the Demons and the win they experienced at Carroll County on Feb. 11.
Thank you so much, Matt Birkholtz, for seeing the big picture and giving the athletes at Williamstown a positive article. Thanks for writing about, not only the win or loss, but the emotion and the life lessons learned from playing sports. The athletes and the parents of these athletes at Williamstown appreciated your article and hope you continue to report on the emotion of sports competition.
Kathy Faulkner

Obama was majority choice
As I read the most recent comments of Chuck Estridge in the News, first, obviously was the fact that his signature was a waste of ink, since all readers would have quickly recognized the author by his usual propaganda against the separation of church and state. Color it in any shade you choose, but the plain black and white of the Constitution is structured on and supported throughout by self-rule or by the majority consensus of man.
Obama was the majority choice, you don’t have to like it to live with it. I survived eight years of leaders that I yet loathe. You came dangerously close to presenting a defense for the loose cannon with a sixth grade mentality, Sarah Palin. Anyone, especially personalities with mass exposure, must avoid such gestures as placing images of their hated opponents in the cross hairs. Wackos attract and encourage other wackos and Tuscon is often the result.
I shall not challenge the many other comments somewhat troubling; however, I must call attention to the greatest affront when Estridge inserted the name “Obama,” as he painted in vivid clarity the portrait of George W. Bush.
Ron Kennedy
Dry Ridge

Families should be united
I would just like to know what has happened to the family unit since we were kids? We had a grandma that used to watch us while our parents worked in the fields or in town. We had neighbors that used to talk to you and not be scared to. We had fun just playing out in the yard or building a tree house. We also had family that used to care about each other, when they were sick,when they lost someone close to them, or when they just needed a friend to sit with them.
Families, now, are just in it for the dollar, greed is the top reason that people are always being rude and not caring about anyone else but themselves. If a brother is sick with cancer, the family ignores it and only wants anything that benefits them. It is like they are waiting for them to die so they can clean the bones like a buzzard does.
It is a reals shame that the family unit today cannot be there for their own families, especially when a disease like cancer is involved.
Beverly Spegal

God saw what you did
Stealing cemetery flowers? Really?
Our family has recently been a victim of theft from our family’s monument in Grant County. Most people’s first response is, “Are you sure they did not blow away?
Unfortunately not!
In 2010, we lost our dear loving mother and two aunts, all within one year. As part of our mourning process, I have developed the craft of making our own unique flower arrangements. About two weeks ago, which marked the one year of our mom’s passing, our family visitied the grave site with a new arrangement. Two weeks later, they are gone!
How dare someone steal from a cemetery. I know it will be impossible to find the person who may have selfishly taken these, but I sure do hope they are reading this and realize what a shameful act they did.
Did they skip Sunday school class when they were taught the Ten Commandments? One being, “Thou shall not steal.”
God saw you and so did my mom. So, please put them back.
Becky Egan