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America should be government of laws
The blood was still wet in the Tucson parking lot, when liberal media pundits, shamelessly started to use this mass tragedy to political advantage and that without a shred of evidence, immediately, the charge was made that the shooter had been inflamed by “hateful” conservative talk shows and by Tea Party rhetoric. It was later revealed that he was rather apolitical and his two favorite books were Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” about his struggles to bring about national socialism and the “communist Manifesto.” Not exactly literature you’ll find on conservative coffee tables.
Yet, we find not a peep from the liberal media concerning the horribly hateful speech of Bill Maher or Joy Behar, etc., but then that’s good hate speech and it fits the template. Or consider last September’s assassination attempt on the governor of Missouri by an ultra-left-wing-whack-job that failed to make national news, but that one didn’t fit the template.
Why are there mindless, lying attacks against the conservative Tea Party, and who makes them? Their main theme is only to return to the principles of the constitution as written and fiscal responsibility. Oh! How hateful! These are the sons and daughters of liberty. Liberty comes, first from the true God, and secondly, from the Constitution. If you are against God and the Constitution, you are against the Tea Party.
Your god is government. The bigger the better. It is to this little god that you look for provision and “social justice.” As it is, the present administration headed by President Obama, will be happy to rule over every aspect of your lives and bring about this utopia nightmare; I’m sure you’ll be able to find something to blame other than our own avarice.
Our nation finds itself in the position of a dog whose duty it is not to ask why, because “why” is too elevated for his nature, but simply to obey. America is not a dog and does not require a “because I said so” jurisprudence, or legislators who knit laws of such insulting complexity that they are heavier than chains, or a president who acts like, speaks like and is received as a king.
The modern presidency has drifted far from the great strength and illumination of its source: the Constitution, as given life by the Declaration of Independence, the greatest political document ever written. For if a president joins the powers of his office to his own willful interpretation, he steps away from a government of laws and towards a government of men.
Speaking earlier of that historical repository, Joy Behar, commenting on the reading of the constitution in Congress, Behar said, “If we are not careful, we will become a nation of laws, instead of a nation of men.”
Let us hope so, Behar, let us hope so. And she calls Sarah Palin dense.
Chuck Estridge

Misconceptons about tourism agreement
I feel that a response is necessary to correct some of the misconceptions that appeared in the Feb. 24th issue of the Grant County News regarding the Grant County Tourism Commission. First of all, the agreement reached is not with the Grant County Chamber of Commerce to accept duties of the commission. The agreement will be made with the Grant County Industrial Authority. This is basically the same kind of agreement that the chamber now has with the Grant County Industrial Authority.
This is how it works. The IDA provides space and staff, as well as supplies and equipment, to the chamber for a monthly fee. In essence, the IDA and chamber share staff and facilities and other costs enabling both organizations to operate more efficiently and be cost effective. The IDA and Chamber are two separate organizations that work effectively together without interfering with each others duties and at times their collaborations make many projects more successful. The IDA offered to the Tourism Commission, at their request, the same agreement. The fact that the commission is already located in the chamber/IDA offices, made it even more feasible for the tourism commission to accomplish their goal to be more cost effective in our current economy.
Neither the chamber nor the IDA is interested, and have stated they are not interested, in absorbing the tourism commission (which would be impossible anyway since the tourism commission is a government agency). With that said, the chamber and the IDA are only interested in continuing to provide the best services to our tourism commission, chamber members and the people of Grant County.
The IDA and chamber partnership has been a great success for community. The addition of a third partner would make all three entities even more successful in reaching their goals for Grant County.
I still assume that this is the goal of everyone involved in all three organizations.
Wade Gutman, Executive Director
Grant County Chamber of Commerce
Industrial Development Authority