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Wilson pleads for help catching stray cats

By The Staff

Why have an ordinance if it is never followed? No one at the courthouse can explain this to me. In our animal ordinance, the definition of “animal” is all vertebrate creatures. Our animal control officer is supposed to take care of all domestic animals. That would include dogs, cats and livestock. But it seems our county officials keep interpreting “animals” as dogs.

Who is supposed to deal with cats?I am told that would be me or the police. I can’t even put mulch down because these cats use it as a bathroom. I have cats climbing on my roof. I am supposed to buy a trap to catch other people’s cats and take them to the animal shelter.

My tax dollars pay for the animal shelter to deal with these animals. Why should I have to buy a trap? Other shelters rent these traps out, and then return the deposit when the trap is returned.

I also have horses. What happens if, when I’m not home, they get out? What happens, if God forbid, one of them gets hit on the road? Will nobody call a vet to take a look at them before they are shot? The ordinance states that is what is supposed to happen, and then the county collects the vet bill and fines from the owner. But the animal control officer has gotten in trouble for doing that in the past. The county doesn’t want to spend the money or time following the ordinance.

We elect these people to help us, not take our tax money and do what they want with it.

Hannah Jean Wilson