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Judge-executive expresses appreciation

By The Staff

As chair of the Kentucky county Judge-Executive Legislative committee, I wish to express my sincere appreciation to your Judge-Executive Darrell Link, for the excellent work he has done on behalf of Grant and all of Kentucky’s counties.

Having been judge-executive for more than half my life serving twice as the president of the Judge-Executive Association and for the last dozen years as chair of the Legislative Committee, I have had the opportunity to work with many elected county officials. One has become a U.S. Senator, another served two terms as our governor. Peers recognize leadership qualities in an elected official. This is why Link’s fellow judge-executives have asked him to be a part of our association’s most important group, our Legislative Committee.

I appreciate his guidance and counsel as he is one that is recognized by all to be fair, just, a tireless worker and totally honest in his dealing with others. His knowledge, understanding and management of county government operations have enabled him to be set apart from other local officials. His work has gained respect unmatched by few with his peers, legislators and other government officials holding him in the highest esteem.

With the 2010 legislative session behind us and looking ahead to 2011, it is time to recognize those who have put forth efforts to improve our state. I would like to say thanks to Judge Darrell Link for working to make Grant and every Kentucky county better.

Tommy Turner, Chair

Kentucky County Judge-Executive

Legislative Committee