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Will you do the same?
On Nov. 29, 2012, the United States Senate unanimously re-authorized the U.S. Fire Administration and both fire service grant programs (SAFER and AFG). Despite the oncoming “fiscal cliff,” run-away deficits, and impending draconian cuts to discretionary spending, Senators were unanimous in their support for the fire service.
If staunch conservatives, such as Kentucky Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul were able to agree with their more liberal colleagues that adequate funding of
the fire service is a national priority, can you? Senators McConnell and Rand were able to put aside politics and posturing to support the fire service. Will you do the same?  The issue of adequate support and funding for the fire service brought unanimity to the U.S. Senate, where it seems no one has lately been able to agree about anything.
Clearly, for those elected representatives, adequate funding and support for the fire service is an issue that transcends partisanship, party politics and electioneering. They stood up and voted to support funding for the fire service in the face of taxing and spending critics; recognizing the critical role properly- funded fire and EMS departments play in the lives of the citizens they represent.
Will you do the same by approving the Fire/EMS taxing district? Or, will you cower before the nay-sayers and reject the members of the fire departments in Grant County, thereby ignoring the message sent by the unanimous senate that an effective, properly equipped and trained fire service is critical to the life of this nation and must be both supported and funded?
Paul Messner
Dry Ridge

Beach touched many lives
My heart was touched by your story about Agnes Beach, which I read while attending her funeral on Thursday.  I would like to share how Mrs. Beach’s gracious giving touched my life as well as other lives around the world.
My church and I happen to be a recipient of her graciousness. I am Bonnie Johnson French, the stepdaughter of Agnes Beach Johnson and had the opportunity to meet her mother Mrs. Beach. I was aware of her gifts and talents.  I mentioned to her that our church was taking a mission trip and could use some dolls for children and that was all it took.  
In 2008, Severn’s Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown, Ky. participated in an Evangelistic/Medical Mission to Juazerio, Brazil, which is a rural town of 5,000 people.  Most live in poverty and several do not have running water or bathroom facilities.  Children run around barefoot and have little clothing. Agnes Beach volunteered to prepare hundreds of dolls for these children to receive after conducting a Bible School in Juazerio. As you addressed in your article, she lovingly prepared each doll with a name tag to include a first and middle name as well as a scripture verse and then gently wrapped each in tissue paper before placing them in a box.  These were then repacked into a large suitcase for transfer to Brazil.
A lot of lives were touched in this rural community as about 700 hundred people walked for miles around to receive healthcare and 70 people accepted Jesus and were saved during one of our church services. Seeds were sown with Mrs. Beach’s dolls as each child was allowed to choose a doll from the box after Bible School.  It was amazing to watch as the children’s eyes lit up, and you could see the change from sadness to one of joy and hope.  Her goodness is a witness to all as she spread “hope and joy” with her dolls around the world.  It was like she was saying “go and tell”.  Thank you Agnes Beach for your ministry … I know God has great plans for you.
Bonnie J. French

Seasons change yet again
I am reminded that we are entering a new season of enriching programming and robust educational services offered through Kentucky Educational Television (KET).
Committed to education, KET continues its rich tradition of bringing trusted, world class digital learning to Kentucky classrooms. In addition, KET provides distance learning courses in physics, Latin, German and soon Chinese, early childhood education and training, GED preparation courses and more serving all ages.
Accessible to public schools and classrooms across the state, KET works to support innovation, student achievement and critical thinking skills necessary for Kentuckians to compete in a global economy.
With the election season underway, remember KET provides the most comprehensive, independent coverage of the candidates and election results. In addition, KET brings into our homes the best arts and performance programs from the world, for all of us to enjoy.
KET depends on a grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to bring excellent, high quality programming to Kentucky. If you value KET, I encourage you to get involved. In fact, 170 million Americans count on public broadcasting each month. Join www.170millionAmericans.org to receive information about public broadcasting and its funding. Your voice does matter.
KET is a state treasure that must be protected and supported. I hope you will join with me in support of KET’s educations and public service to all Kentuckians.
Mary M. Butler
KET Friends Board Member