Wilson awarded $6,000 scholarship

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By Camille McClanahan

Tyler Wilson, a senior at Grant County High School who is also enrolled at the Boone County Area Technology Center in Hebron, has a passion for cars.


Wilson won a $6,000 scholarship to Ohio Technical College in Cleveland, Ohio, at the Northern Kentucky Regional SkillsUSA competition held Feb. 28 at Boone County ATC. He competed for three hours, working on mocked-up metal to simulate working on the body of an automobile.

“I didn’t believe it,” Wilson said of his win. “My parents were happy and amazed.”

According to Wilson, he owes his accomplishments to guidance provided by his parents, Bill and Trudy Wilson of Corinth, and the learning opportunities provided by John Thomas, his teacher at ATC.

Thomas appreciates Wilson’s earnest efforts and thinks he has a good shot at winning the state competition to be held in Louisville on April 6-9.

“He’s serious about what he is doing and he works hard,” Thomas said. “He wasn’t sure what he was going into, but when he got there, he realized that it was everything he knew.”

Wilson enjoys vocational school and is involved in restoring a car for class credit.

“I brought in Dad’s muscle car, a 1976 Plymouth Duster,” Wilson said. “A friend, Justin Knarr, and I are restoring the car for a grade.”

Wilson hopes to get additional scholarships to defray the total, $25,000, cost of going to OTC.

“I like working with my hands,” Wilson said. “It’s a good career field and and I want to make it my career.”

His school work revolves around auto body repair, and he plans to make that his occupation. And, for enjoyment, Wilson likes to work on cars.

“Working on cars, that about sums it up,” Wilson said.

Wilson is one of 34 Grant County High School students who travels to vocational schools in Kenton and Boone County. The Grant County school system provides busing to and from Boone County ATC and J D Patton Area Tech Center in Fort Mitchell.