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Ben Willoughby is the Grant County High School Youth Performance Award winner for March.

He is a junior at GCHS and is the son of Kevin and Linda Willoughby of Dry Ridge.

Extra-curricular activities: I participate in varsity soccer, and football, President of the Future Farmers of America, member of the Northern Kentucky Youth Advisory Board and member of the National English Honors Society.
Community involvement: I help with multiple trash pick-ups and church functions.
Class schedule: My class schedule is AP English, AP U.S. history, veterinary tech, wildlife resources and pre calculus.  

Favorite class or classes: My favorite class would be any of my agriculture classes because of all the hands on learning and because of my love of nature and animals. I also like these classes because I am involved on my own farm and feel these classes can only make me a better farmer and agriculturist.

Favorite teacher(s): I love all my teachers; in fact, I enjoy all of their classes so much that I don’t think I could pick a favorite. Scott Gibbons, my AP English teacher, is creative and punctual but has a way of using sarcasm and people skills to be able to ensure all of his students are actually learning.

Kenneth Taylor, my AP history teacher, is talkative and can relate to most of his students so easily that it’s almost like one of your best friends is teaching the content instead of him. Chris Langley, my pre-calculus teacher, is serious and concerned when it comes to students learning. However, like Taylor, he can relate to his students so well that he makes the learning fun and allows the students to realize, even though they may never do anything with math when they are older, that they are learning problem-solving techniques which are crucial to be able to do in life.

Lastly, I would especially like to recognize my agriculture teacher Larry Butler. He is dedicated to his field of work and even though he knows that agriculture is a dying career, he loves teaching students about it, with the hope that some of them might get involved enough to help others see how important it is. Butler, as one of my favorite teachers, my FFA advisor and friend, is one of the most important role models.
He has taught me to try to manage my time better, how to prepare for my future as a junior and has boosted my love for agriculture even more. He has a knowledge so advanced that, not trying to downgrade teachers which are brilliant, I would almost call him the smartest man I know. All of my teachers are amazing and these are just a few reasons why.

What do you do for fun/recreation: I love to hunt and fish, in fact, my favorite holidays aren’t actually holidays at all; they are opening days of hunting seasons. Unlike many high school students, I love to do work, I would much rather do hard work on the farm then sit around and do nothing all day. I love to play with my dog and talk with my friends.
Future plans: When I graduate I plan to attend college. Right now, I’m considering the University of Kentucky and their agriculture program. I hope to either become an agriculture teacher or to go into veterinary medicine.
Most meaningful experience: My most meaningful experience in high school would be having one chance to apply to the Governor Scholar Program. As a finalist for the school, I am still awaiting results to see the states finalist. Getting accepted to this program would be so life changing, getting accepted would mean I would get to study at a Kentucky college for six weeks and get to experience college life. I would also have a better chance at receiving scholarships and getting accepted to colleges.
(The Youth Performance Award recognizes students who have given their time and talents for the benefit of the community. The recipients exemplify those unselfish attitudes and ideals that should guide our daily living. The award is sponsored by the Grant County News and Performance Pipe, a division of the Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP in Williamstown.)