Williamstown archery team headed to Worlds competition in Wisconsin

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By News Intern

Williamstown schools’ archery team is going to NASP World Tournament in Madison, Wisconsin on July 11 through July 13.
They are expecting the best archers from at least 25 states as well as archers from Canada, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mongolia to be this year’s world tournament.
This is the archery team’s second year as a team and their second time going to the world tournament.
It all started in the regional tournament where the team shot enough to qualify for the state tournament. At the state tournament they shot a 3289 (3600 is a perfect score) placing them 22 out of 70 and qualifying them for the Nationals in Louisville.
In Louisville, Williamstown’s best shooters were Clint Moore and Eden Jackson. Clint shot a 290 (300 is a perfect score) placing him 15 out of 353 in his age group and Jackson shot a 278 placing her 38 out of the 265 in her age group.
Overall the team shot 3295 and placed 49 out of 164, qualifying for Worlds.
Last year in worlds, Courtney Alexander had a great showing by shooting a 287 and placing 7 in her age group. Unfortunately for her on the last day other competitors bumped her out from medaling.
 As a team Williamstown was able to perform well for their first year by qualifying for World’s. This year is another story for the second-year program. With reaching the Worlds, expectations are raised.
“I want our kids to shoot the best that they can shoot,” Coach Mike Walters said. “If they can relax, they can shoot their best.”
Walters is impressed with his team’s performance as they are going to the World tournament for a second time as a new program and thinks that they are on the verge of becoming a powerhouse in archery.
 “I think that the team needs to find the drive to really compete,” he said.