Why don’t good people vote? Why it’s important

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Through the last several years there have been many great letters to the editor such as Chuck Estridges’s “Save us from ourselves, mindless government”, June 7, 2012 and Frank Goodpaster’s “Low turnout disappoints poll worker”, June 21, 2012.

My question is why don’t people get motivated and go to the polls and vote? It really is not much trouble to go vote and when we think of the price many have paid to give us that right, we should be ashamed not to vote.

My big beef is with Christians who do not vote. Why do they stay home?

David Barton, Christian historian, stated it this way, “We have been given the vote by God and He will hold us accountable, if we used our vote and how we used it.” Then Barton continued by comparing it with Bible verses in Matthew 25: 14-30 about the parable of the Talents and in Luke 19:11-27 about the parable of the Minas. In each of these, the servant who had only one unit but did not use it, then it was removed from him and given to another.

Is it not possible we are in the mess we are in because good people are not voting? It most certainly is possible – only 25 percent of Christians bother to vote.

I believe that God will hold us responsible if we fail to use our vote and therefore, we fail our children and future generations by not preserving our wonderful God-given nation.

Fellow Christians, go to the polls on Election Day and vote and then God will bless our nation.

Dave Damron