Why do you go to church?

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Have you ever asked yourself the question; why do I go to church? Certainly there are many responses to this question. But really, why do you go to church? I want to challenge all church goers to really think about that question. If you are like me you grew up in church, it was what your family did and you really didn’t think about it.

Or maybe you are like some friends of mine who never went to church growing up and they just started coming. Maybe you like to see people at church and it is a social thing. Maybe you have never gone to church and really have no interest. People choose to go to church or not for various reasons.

Let me tell you the most important reason you can go to church this Sunday. The reason I am going this Sunday is to worship. Worship my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died on the cross, resurrected from the dead and is now alive. Jesus has forgiven my sins; he has given me hope, peace, comfort and confidence. He has made a sinner just like me holy in his sight. Jesus is the exact representation of God and is the creator. He is the one who took my sin on himself and did it willingly. God so loves you and I that he gave his son for us. I will go to church this week to give God his due worship. He is worthy of worship. Why will you go to church this Sunday? See you in church

(Darrell Morgan is is the pastor of Williamstown Baptist Church. He can be reached at 859-824-4102.)