WHS seniors help team make history

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By Ryan Naus

When the Williamstown volleyball team started this season, they wanted to prove what they were truly capable of.

Their hard work paid off when they finished as the district runner-up and advanced to the regional tournament for the first time in the program’s history.

Seniors Taylor Eldridge, Chelsea Fitterer and Sara Moreland helped the Lady Demons win their first eight games of the season, which gave the team confidence in their abilities.

“It was a great accomplishment for us to make it to the region tournament,” Eldridge said. “We wish we could have won the district tournament, but we’re still glad that we got to go to regionals.”

“Starting out, we never expected that,” Moreland said. “It was cool to watch us grow and how we’ve improved since we started in middle school.”

While they enjoyed making history, the three seniors appreciate how close they became on the court, with each other and the other players that worked hard to make the most of their opportunities.

“I love the game and how it brought our team together,” Fitterer said. “I love the idea of having friends be that close.”

All three girls were passionate about their favorite aspect of the game: spiking.

“Once you hit it hard and the other team misses it, it feels good,” Eldridge said.

“Or when you get a tip, it makes them feel stupid and it’s fun to do that,” Fitterer added.

“I love being at the net because it’s the closest contact you have with the other team,” Moreland said.

The team has had to work with their third coach in three years, but believe that their pride in representing Williamstown helped them adjust each year.

“The school supported us and it made us try harder for them,” Moreland said. “I love this school and this program. It was cool to represent it and do so well this year.”

“To stick with it and play with the same girls, it feels good to end it well,” Fitterer said. “Our strength was playing and working together.”

The girls hope that Williamstown can continue to improve and hope that future teams will improve on the success they enjoyed this season.

“It feels great that we had the opportunity to go as far as did,” Eldridge said. “They should continue to work hard to do well.”

“The younger players should take advantage of the opportunity to play because once you’re done, it’s sad,” Fitterer said.

“It’s important to stick with it and keep working hard,” Moreland said.

The seniors hope that their passion for the game was apparent whenever they took the court.

“We were hard workers and I think that we cared more than most classes,” Fitterer said.

Favorite memories:

Fitterer: Beating Grant County because the games are always intense and it gets everyone going.

Eldridge: Sweeping Grant County this year, the region tournament and all of the fundraisers because it’s always fun to do things together as a team.

Moreland: We had summer two-a-days (two practices a day) a couple of years ago. We started by dreading it, but by the end we loved it because we were so close as a team.