WHS cheerleaders’ careers come to an end

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By Ryan Naus

When the Williamstown boys and girls’ basketball seasons came to a close, it also meant an end to the cheerleading careers for six Williamstown cheerleaders.

Ashley Farley, Nicole Hendy, Shelby Horn, Sara Moreland, Rachel Morris and Katie Webster have each cheered for Williamstown for different lengths of time, but they know the impact that their class has had.

“They are such a mixed group,” coach Tina Dunn said. “Everyone of them brought leadership to the team, but it was a different kind of leadership from each one. It helped me because they stepped up. I think we were better this year than we were last year and a lot of that has to do with those six seniors. It was hard on senior night. It’s like losing six good friends.”

“We’re a really tight group of seniors,” Farley said. “With the band, basketball and cheerleading, we can never do that again.”

The girls enjoyed different aspects of cheerleading, but they all agree they enjoyed being around each other as they tried to get the fans to help support the players as they took the court.

“I liked pumping the crowd when our team would score and jumping up and down like a goober,” Morris said.

“This was my first year and I’m glad I did it,” Moreland said. “It was cool to try something new your senior year. It’s cool to be more involved in the game, instead of just watching the game.”

The girls have seen the teams they support end games as winners and losers, but realized that their careers were over not when a buzzer sounded, but when they watched their friend’s basketball careers come to a close.

“The last game was sad to see the boys and girls walk off the court for the last time,” Webster said. “Since we don’t play, we don’t walk off the court, but it was sad to see that.”

“They are like our brothers and sisters,” Hendy said. “We’re all in the same boat and we support each other.”

While their squad will miss them next season, the girls hope that they will be able to help by dishing some advice for younger girls that will take their place.

“I would say that they should try to stick it out and make sure you always give your best,” Horn said.

“Have fun and don’t worry about little mistakes,” Moreland said. “Have fun and bond as a group.”

“Start tumbling now and don’t let mental blockages stop you,” Morris said.

“Don’t goof off in practices because that’s where you get stuff done,” Webster said.

“Enjoy it because it doesn’t last forever,” Farley said.

Despite the fact that the girls won’t ever don the orange and black uniforms that some have sported for the past eight years, they believe there are bigger and better things in store for them as they look towards their future.

“It was bittersweet because I know that next year, I’ll be wishing that I was cheering,” Webster said. “But I know that we’re going to do better things with our lives.”

Favorite memories:

“I enjoyed going to competitions our eighth, ninth and 10th grade years. I liked putting our hair up in big curls and having people at a cheerleading competition watch and support us.” - Nicole Hendy

“My favorite memory was freshman year and our competition. With all of our practicing and preparation, cheerleading definitely became a passion.” - Rachel Morris

“My favorite memory would be my first year cheering on junior varsity with our old coach, Tina Walters.” - Katie Webster

“When I broke my arm when I did my first backhand spring by myself. I put all of my weight on my left arm. I started laughing and everyone thought I was kidding.” - Ashley Farley

“My favorite memories were the Grant County games. I’ve always gone to the games against Grant County but it was so different being a cheerleader.” - Sara Moreland

“I think about all the countless memories that we could say that we will remember forever and I don’t think I can pick just one.” - Shelby Horn