What you believe is what you believe

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By Ken Stone

I suppose that 99.9 percent of us can be considered to have racist tendencies whether we recognize them in ourselves or whether we don’t. That .01 percent that doesn’t have such tendencies is probably you.

I have never walked in the shoes of a hardcore racist, though I could have easily been influenced by my parents who were influenced by their parents in a world considerably different from our world today.

I am not a judge or jury to those with racist attitudes. I often have coffee and associate with people who easily bring their racist attitudes to the surface. I don’t hold that against them, though I sometimes ask them why they waste so much effort on an old world concept. I’m most thankful none of them are French. (Joke #4).

What you are is what you are and maybe it’s what makes you uniquely you. Being what you are and who you are is not the issue of racism. I believe it is how you direct that attitude. The problem is when it spills outside you in an inappropriate manner.

I received a letter.

The letter was neatly and formally written and said that the writer wanted to cancel their subscription to the Grant County News. Attached was a neatly clipped photo of an interracial couple that had appeared in our newspaper.

Now, if the author had stopped here, then I would have just shrugged it off as an individual’s right as an American citizen to follow their own beliefs drowning in the smallness of their own world.

But, the letter’s author pointed out that the Grant County News was responsible for “sending a message to all white girls,” that interracial dating was an O.K. thing to do. This was his speciate triturate vulcanized interpretation of the responsibility of the newspaper.

All this was the letter writer’s opinion and God bless his right to let them be known.

I think all we did was publish the information and photo that was submitted. This is a practice we do and have for many, many years as a service to our readers. We even publish these type of items at no cost. You see, we actually believe in the words of the Constitution of the United States.

In a telephone conversation that followed, the person told me they were responsible for the things that came into their house and that they didn’t want…well, let’s just say that the Grant County News was the bad guy perpetuating wrongful influences through out the world.

I asked the person if they had a television in their home. They replied they did, but when such stuff came on the television they used their remote to turn the channel.

I tried to explain that, like changing the channel on the television, why then couldn’t they just turn the page of the newspaper.

Here is the problem with their argument. They will go back to the same television channels and watch and change and change back and watch, because it is too inconvenient for them to not watch television. If they didn’t watch television then what would they do? Maybe they could read the New Testament.

They then hold the Grant County News up to standards that no one else is expected to meet. I assume that they don’t call the television networks to vent the same complaint they vented to me.

I told the complainer to contact Frankfort or Washington and have them pass legislation that would give judicial power to the publishers and editors of newspapers so that we could legally make judgment decisions concerning all areas of everyone’s life.

Be who you want to be, but be a little bit smart and considerate about it.

I apologize to any Frenchman for the joke, but using “speciate triturate vulcanized” won me a free lunch at Marilyn’s Ribs.

(Ken Stone is publisher of the Grant County News. He can be reached a kstone@grantky.com