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I am most thankful for my little sister.
My little sister was born the same birth date as me. She is 5 years old. I love her so much. Her name is Harmony Cook. She is the most amazing thang ever. She was my birthday present when I was turning 6-years-old. I was supposed to go to the zoo but then she was being born. I was in the room when she was being born; it was so amazing to see her being born. She is like my best friend. I tell her everything and she tells me everything. We fight every now and again but she is my best fried. She is so funny. She tells me jokes all the time. That is my story.
Christa Cook
Mason-Corinth Elem.


There are so many things I’m thankful for. Even little things can make a difference. Like my mom letting me listen to the radio when we’re doing errands. Or big things like me and my dad’s good friend David Brantley who gave me riding lessons and then gave me his Palomino horse, Madison. Yes, even brothers can do good like helping you with something you’re not sure about. Even things you didn’t know you needed help that family friends can take care of. No matter how big or small, these are the many things I’m thankful for.
Jenna Barnes
Mason-Corinth Elem.

What I’m thankful for is life because that and the Lord are the main things. I’m also thankful for animals and my family.
I’m so glad that I have family because I love to play with my cousins. If I have no family, I would be so sad. My family is so cool. My grandma cooks food for me and I don’t even have to ask. My dad helps me understand learning targets from school. My mom takes me to basketball practice and she always buys me gum.
I’m super glad for life. If I didn’t, well I wouldn’t be here. Life is great. You get to do many things. you can play sports, go to the park, ride bikes or just play a game of tag with your friends. That is why I’m thankful for life.
I’m thankful for the Lord and his son. Every sin I make the blood of Jesus drops down on me. God is super doper cool. In seven days, he made the whole world. He made land, water, fish and any water-breathing critter. He made animals, plants and most important, humans. That is why I’m thankful for the Lord.
I’m thankful for animals because they make good pets. Say if you fell and you were hurt, an animal will comfort you. If we didn’t have animals, we would not have meat or beef. That is why I’m thankful for animals.
Matthew Wright, Crittenden-Mt. Zion Elem.

I am thankful for a home, a mother, a father, and a family. I am thankful for these things and many other things because some children do not have these. Like on 9/11/01, many people lost friends and family. The war in Afghanistan has some kids become motherless or fatherless or men and women will be widows. So that is why I am thankful for what I have.
Emily Durbin
Mason-Corinth Elem.

I am thankful for my family because my family takes care of me. My family loves me and they support me. They take care of me by giving me food and shelter. They support me by cheering me on when I do something or whatever I do. Next is, I’m thankful for my dog because I can play with him like fetch or any other thing he wants to play like tug a war and he’s part of my family. That’s what I’m thankful for.
Kyle Stephens
Dry Ridge Elem.

I am thankful for my family because they’re caring, loving and cool. My mom is a hard worker. She’s always cleaning, cooking and washing laundry. She works hard to keep our house clean and if she were taken away I would be so sad and lonely.
My dad is also hard working. He puts a roof over my head and clothes on my back. My dad works hard. I love him so much and would be sad if he was gone.
I’m also thankful for my teacher, Ms. Jackson. She is one of the best teachers I had. She is nice, funny and cool.
I’m also thankful for my friends who support me and talk to me. They comfort me when I’m sad. I would be nothing without my friends. My friends make me who I am today that is all the things I’m thankful for.
Jace Perez
Dry Ridge Elem.

I am thankful for my family because they love me and I love them. My family likes to give me stuff I would only have if I had anough mony.  The reason I don’t got enough mony is that I have two brothers, one mom, one dad and last but not least, my little baby sister. My dad works midnight so the only time I see is when it’s a weekend day or if I stay up till midnight and see him. My mom is mostly the main person. She’s top rank in my house because she does work, the baybes, cleans the dishes and bottles and she maker supper. Well, my two brothers and one sister they are mostly the same there little mean and lazy and I think they get the lazyness from me, their big brother. And last but not least what I do is work hard on my homework. I get free time to play games after I get done from my homework and free time is like playing games or playing with toys and I get to get on the computer some times or I would go outside and toss the football with my budy Jakson. He’s in second grade. He’s pretty awesome and he likes to play games with me so you kno why I’m very, very thankful for my family and I have a lot of fun to.
Hunter Turner
Dry Ridge Elem.

I am thankful for my grandma and grandpa. They are the ones who spoil us. They buy us books all the time and they make stuff for us. They buy us books like Captain Underpants, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Middle School, etc. They also make stuff like socks, pillow cases and blankets.
Next, I am thankful for for school. Without school we would be as dumb as cavemen. We wouldn’t even know what 10 x 1 is or 100 x 0. We wouldn’t even know what a book was. So school is very important.
Next, I am thankful for laughter. The world would be boring without laughter. I mean everything would be so serious. Imagine that everything is so serious, boring right? I imagined it and almost fell asleep.
Next, I am thankful for snow. It is fun to make stuff and play in the snow. For instance, you can make snowmen, an ogle, a chair and a snow ball from the snow. You can also play with the snow. The only game I know that involves snow is snow ball fights.
So, that’s somethings I’m thankful for. Are you thankful for some of the things I’m thankful for? I think everybody agrees with me on the one about snow. I mean who doesn’t like snow?
Jimmy Tutorow
Crittenden-Mt. Zion Elem.

I’m thankful for my brother and God. My brother is in the Marines, so I don’t get to see him much. He is in Connecticut right now. I can’t wait until he comes home. I am thankful for my brother because he protects America and he puts his life on the line to put food on my table. I am thankful for God because without God none of us would be alive.
Sonny Young, Sherman Elem.

I’m thankful for my family. My family payes for me to go to the Horse Park every year and to Dollywood in Tenessee every year. My family makes homemade ice cream for when we watch the fireworks at the mall. They try to get enough money to have a pig feast every year for the family. When my family dose this they make me so happy and sometimes they make me cry because they do this. I am glad I have my family there for mor me. They give me a lot of thing and I love them. That is what I’m thankful for.
Kylie Dazier, Sherman Elem.

I am often guilty of asking for so much, but not realizing how thankful I am. People all around the world don’t have anything.
I am thankful for my grandpa for living one more day. My grandpa does a lot of things for me like helping me with 4-H and sometimes he takes me to stores around Grant County. All the time he buys stuff for me and him, although it drives me crazy.
Secondly, I’m very thankful for my house and having a roof over my head. Some kids don’t even have houses. They have tents instead.
Some kids have no shoes, no clothes and no food. I could of been one of those kids.
Lastly, I’m thankful for my parents and how they teach how to be responsible and how to live life. My parents do so much for me and how much they give me.
They teach me not to be so grabby at everything I want like some kids want everything they see and like.
Some people around the world think it’s all about being rich, but no it’s not.
It’s about having a roof over your head, some shoes and clothes and food is all you need to say thank you for all you got.
Isaiah Magee
Williamstown Elem.

There are many things I am thankful for. I’m thankful my brother is still alive. He had cancer when he turned six. He stayed in the hospital for two years. Now he is 12 and in the sixth grade. He is doing well lately. He has been not going to the hospital . I am also thankful for my stepdad Mike. He plays football, baseball and basketball with me. He buys me equipment for sports and loves to watch me play football. I am also thankful for my mom. My mom does everything for me. She is always fun to be around. She does the dishes, landy and cleans the house. She is the best mom in the world.
Ben Vickers, Sherman Elem.


I am thankful for being able to cook. I cook with my mom. We bake bread and make an apple pie. We chop up fruits and mix in a bowl. That is what we make when we cook.
The next thing I am thankful for is family. Mt family shares stories of what we did on the weekend. When we are done with that we go downstairs and watch a Thanksgiving movie like “Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving.”
The next thing I am thankful for is neighbors. My neighbors and I like to have a camp fire if it is not raining. We do that on Thanksgiving, too.
I would ask her what she did on Thanksgiving. She always goes to her mothers. After we sit by the fire, we look up at the stars.
Finally, the last thing I am thankful for is my brother. I care most for Josh. He is my brother, but he is my friend. We do all kinds of things together like ride bikes, play outside and play the Wii. There is a lot of other things I play. That is what I do with my brother.
Elizabeth Link
Crittenden-Mt. Zion Elem.

Every year around this time I see turkeys, trees with hardly any leaves and tons of people being thankful. It makes me think of one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving!
I absolutely love Thanksgiving. There’s a bunch of delicious meals and it’s a day to give thanks. The three things I’m thankful for are: my family, my teacher and my dog Rosie.
I’m very thankful for my family. I don’t know what I would do without them. They take me to all my favorite places and cook me delicious meals each and every night. They also help me with my homework and study for important tests. My family is so generous.
Another thing I’m thankful for is my teacher, Mrs. Brann. I’m thankful for her because she helps me learn everyday. Without Mrs. Brann in my life, I wouldn’t know hardly anything. She teaches me lots of subjects like math, reading, writing and social studies. I wish Mrs. Brann could be my teacher forever.
The other thing I’m thankful for is my dog, Rosie. I remember when we first got her. She was as tiny as the palm of my hand. She was so little she could barely walk. Now she follows me around all the time. I will always remember her no matter what.
I feel that Thanksgiving is the time to reflect on everything we are given. I truly love my reliable family, my intelligent teacher and my adorable dog Rosie. I wonder what I’ll be thankful for next year when Thanksgiving rolls around.
Miranda Goetz
Williamstown Elem.


I am truly thankful for fishing. There are three reasons why I am thankful for this wonderful sport.
First is that it brings food to the table. The best fish I have ever caught and eaten is rainbow trout caught from the Cumberland River. We go there every year for a fishing tournament and last year I got third.
Second, it calms the mind. When I am stressed out, I go fish. Even if you don’t catch anything, it still calms you down.
Lastly, it brings our family closer together. The Simpson family has been fishing since before the 1800s. When we go out there, we talk and tell stories together and the moment the fish strikes you will never forget.
Keene Simpson
Williamstown Elem.


I am thankful for having food on the table. Some families just have a piece of bread or something. I feel so bad for those people. But I am also glad that we have enough money to have food on our table. That is the first thing I am thankful for.
Second, I love having people at our table. Most people just have very few. Either they got hurt really bad or got killed in war. They must be really sad about what happened. That is why I am thankful for having people at our table.
I say they did a good thing having Veterans Day. It shows thanks to the people who fought in wars like Vietnam. My grandpa fought in Vietnam. He is still living today. That is the third thing that I am thankful for.
I really love having animals. If we did not have animals, we would not have food. Second, if we did not have food, we would not survive. If we did not survive, there would not be anything. This is my fourth thing I am thankful for.
Last, I do believe in having a God. If we did not have a God, there would be no people. There would be no trees. There would not be an Earth without God. I am thankful for having all of these things.
Timothy Moore
Crittenden-Mt. Zion Elem.