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Williamstown asks parents for opinion

By Bryan Marshall

Williamstown Independent Schools is seeking input from the community about priorities and expectations of the district.

“Improving Student Achievement: A Community Discussion,” a structured, but informal meeting, will be conducted from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 27 in the Williamstown High School cafeteria.

The school board and administrators will use the feedback to help formulate a set of prioritized goals that will be shared with planners at each school.

“Student achievement is our first and foremost priority," said Superintendent Sally Skinner. "This session will help our school board define community expectations and priorities relating to how our students learn."

The meeting is part of a Kentucky School Board Association program for school districts

called Advancing Student Achievement Program or ASAP.

A member of the KSBA will serve as facilitator of the meeting.

"I think it's very timely with the recent release of our test scores and the schools and the district revising its comprehensive improvement plans," Skinner said about the meeting.

The discussion is open to the public and the district plans to invite specific participants, including elected officials, the Grant County Chamber of Commerce and others, to attend to ensure that a broad cross-section of interests, backgrounds and perspectives are included.

Two key questions that will be addressed include:

• What should our schools be doing to maximize student achievement?

• What issues does our district need to address in planning for improved student learning?

Any citizen who wants to attend the session or to submit written comments for consideration is encouraged to do so.

Written comments should be submitted to the Williamstown Central Office prior to or at the meeting.

“The insight our guests share with us will greatly increase the input into school and district planning from the people who pay the tax bills that support our schools,”Skinner  said. “We will take these ideas and develop a set of district objectives. Those objectives will help ensure that planners and decision makers at the schools and at the district level know what the community expects from all of us.”