Welcome to this crazy world

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By Camille McClanahan

The birth of a child is always a joyous occasion. Some of my family were expecting their first child. A baby girl. Oh what fun. Girls are always more fun than boys.
Personal opinion.
Dressing them up in little bows and big frilly dresses.
Maybe it’s because I have a daughter.
In helping them prepare for her, I was reminded of just how out of the loop I really was. Talk about feeling like a fish out of water, it had been eight years since I shopped in depth for anything baby.
Every other thing I came across, I had this puzzled look on my face.
A cover for a car seat, who thought that up? 
Snugglers? Really?
I didn’t have anything like that. Playpen, a car seat with a base, crib, diapers, some blankets and clothes and I was good to go.
There were times when I thought I was in over my head.
Taking care of a baby? No problem.
Figuring out what everything did? Almost impossible.
The buttons on the bassinet, the music on the swing and figuring out how to put the thing together, bring out the toolbox.
I was reminded of a scene in a movie were an expectant mom is putting together a playpen and she becomes so frustrated, she finally begins to beat on it.
Yeah, I was there.
The things we do for family.
It was actually quite comical. Now.
At around 3:30 a.m. on March 14, 2014 she was here. A little early but she was healthy.
A beautiful baby girl, weighing in at just over 6 pounds. She had already stolen my heart.
She was born just four days after my own daughter’s eighth birthday. I jokingly said wouldn’t it be something if they shared a birthday. Well, close enough.
I was reminiscing about my own daughter’s birth and was reminded, not that I needed to be, of the bond between a parent and their child. The anticipation. The wonder. The miracle. It is like nothing else in this world. Watching this transpire in front of my eyes yet again was amazing. 
It is nothing short of a miracle the love a parent feels for their child.
They wonder how they ever lived before her arrival. They will drive you crazy and give you gray hairs way before your time but nothing or no one could ever take their place.
I remember the first time I ever laid eyes on my daughter. With tears in my eyes, I thanked God for her and remember thinking ‘If I never do anything else right in my life, I did this right’. She was healthy, weighing in at over 9 pounds. Yes, 9 pounds. And she hasn’t stopped growing.
It’s cliché but it does seem like yesterday I was bringing her home from the hospital.
Scared to death of doing something wrong. Every new parent worries and flips out.
I accidentally let my daughter roll off the couch when she was 3-months-old and then called the emergency room, crying.
The nurse probably thought I should go to the psychiatric unit.
Savor the moments with your children and listen to them when they talk. Before you know it they will be grown and have a life of their own.
I blinked and my daughter is turning into be such a beautiful young lady. Where did my baby girl go? With a heart of gold and a soul just as pure, I thank God for the blessing and honor of being her mother.
But truth be known, it doesn’t matter how old our children get, they will always be our babies.
Camille McClanahan is the editorial assistant at the Grant County News. She can be reached at 859-824-3343 or via e-mail at gcneditorial@grantky.com.