Weights, winds, trends and so-called friends

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Continuing from the last article, we’re examining the cultural weights, winds, trends and so-called friends that impede our individual and corporate spiritual progress. Let’s take a look at Distractions, Drift and Drag.

Distractions - Distraction levels are higher than ever. There’s more noise in life, background noise if you will. Life is louder and more complex. There’s more stuff to do, especially for families. Work, school, sports, band; the list is endless. We’ve lost the sacred in America. There was a time when our culture recognized Sundays and Wednesdays as set apart for families to attend church services and Bible studies in order to honor God, worship together and grow spiritually.

Because of all the distractions church is no longer people’s first choice. Only after all other demands are satisfied is church even an option and then it is only one option. Seventy-eight percent of Americans claim to be Christians, yet only 33 percent of those attend church regularly and their definition of (regular) is only once per month.

Drift -  Drift pulls you away. The number one place to drown in America is Hawaii. The most likely person to drown in Hawaii is a white male in his 50s. The reasons are, they forget it is an island, they forget there are currents, they fall asleep, and end up in the Aleutians! Isn’t that just like being a Christian? If you’re apathetic and complacent concerning your spiritual life and simply do nothing, then you’re being carried by this world. It’s pulling on you. You will not end up at any destination God intended.

Drag - Drag slows you down. That’s why we have to lay aside the weights and throw off everything that hinders our progress. We’ll each have to identify what they are for ourselves. It’s just like with an airplane; When lift exceeds drag, you fly…When drag exceeds lift, you crash.
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