We love because He loved us first

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With Easter last week, have you ever thought, “Why the Cross?” Have you ever wondered why God didn’t just declare us worthy to receive eternal life? Couldn’t He have done something different? 

Unfortunately, no. The issue is our sin. God cannot tolerate sin. In fact, because of sin, we are said to be under God’s wrath! 

The reason that God cannot tolerate sin is His absolute holiness. Let me illustrate. Imagine a large fishbowl filled with pure water. What would happen if I put just one tiny drop of red food coloring in that fishbowl? The whole bowl would be polluted! There would be no more pure water! This is why God insists that sin be dealt with. It must be punished. He has also declared that the punishment of sin is death: eternal separation from God in a real place called Hell. That sounds pretty hopeless! 

That’s where the cross comes in. While God could have allowed us all to die separated from Him in our sin, He demonstrated His love for us through the cross. There, Jesus, God’s Son, bore the wrath of God and paid the penalty for our sins! Imagine, a man who had never sinned became our substitute and died for all of our sins! That is Amazing Grace!

All God asks in return is for us to trust that He has forgiven our sins and welcomed us into His family. He asks that we put our faith in Him and not in ourselves and that we live lives of gratitude through obedience to His Law of Love. Remember, we love because He loved us first!

So, as you search for hidden eggs and eat too much chocolate this weekend, remember that God has made a way for us to live with Him and for Him through the Cross. Aren’t you glad He chose the Cross?

 (Josh Hildebrand is the pastor at Sherman Baptist Church in Dry Ridge. He can be reached at 859-428-2695 or by visiting the website at www.shermanbaptist.org)