Wanted: owner of German postcard

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By Bryan Marshall


The Grant County Public Library would like your help in solving a mystery of sorts.

While going through boxes of books donated to the library an employee discovered an old postcard stuck inside of a book.

Believing the postcard may have been mistakenly put inside the book, the library is seeking to track down its owner to return it to them.

The book the postcard was in is titled “Minstrel Makings” and includes jokes, gags, puns and monologues by author Arthur Leroy Kaser.

The book has a copyright date of 1932 and handwritten on the front is the name Roy Hoffman.

The postcard features German language and a man wearing a hat and traditional German clothing while eating a feast and drinking a beer.

The person the postcard is addressed to is a Lt. Leroy Hoffman and it is dated June 24, 1961.

The writing on the back of the postcard insinuates that the postcard is being sent from Germany and describes the experience.

“The food is excellent and the people are very friendly. We made a wonderful trip into the Alps yesterday.”

The postcard appears to be signed by “Walter and Ruth.”

If anyone has information about who the postcard belongs to, contact the library at 824-2080.