Walton-Verona Lady Bearcats sweep Lady Demons

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By Haleigh Jacobs Sports Correspondent

The Walton-Verona Lady Bearcats defeated the Williamstown Lady Demons in three sets Aug. 20 at Williamstown High School in a disappointing loss against one of their primary rivals.

After three consecutive losses, the Lady Demons rallied for a win against the Bearcats, securing an early 8-3 lead in the first set before allowing Walton-Verona to surpass their score and win the set 25-17.
Williamstown also started strong in the second set with a one-time lead of 20-13 before losing steam while the Bearcats pushed ahead to win the set 25-22. The Lady Demons trailed to Walton-Verona in the third set, which Walton went on to win 26-16.

Despite four consecutive losses, Williamstown senior Morgan Potter, along with fellow senior Alex Prokopachak, look to past successes to boost their team’s morale.

“Alex and I try to remind everyone that we absolutely have the talent to beat these teams,” Potter said. “We beat the hardest team we played this far, so we know it’s not a matter of ability. Everything will come together with time. We also try to instill a love for the game in every player.”

To Potter, a strong team spirit will be essential to her team’s success.
“It (teamwork) is easily the most important aspect of volleyball. In other sports you can get by with having one or two talented athletes, but we have to have all six of us playing on the same page. That’s part of what has to come together for us because a lot of us hadn’t played together until this year,” Potter said.

For a varsity team with four freshmen and three sophomores on the roster, strong leadership by upper-classmen will be a defining factor in this team’s season. For Lady Demons coach Wes Staff, there is still a lot of work to be done. In this week’s practices, he says the team will be “working on defense and talking to each other.”

The Lady Demons will have plenty of time this week to prove themselves with home games Aug. 22 against Covington Latin and Aug. 23 against Simon Kenton. Williamstown hits the road Saturday, Aug. 25 at the 8th Region All “A” Classic in Eminence.