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May 9, 1996

Grant County was riveted by pea-size to egg-size hail. Damaged properties included Juanita Hedges’s house on Greenville Road, which was filled with holes from the approximate 15 minute storm. Carol Scroggin of Lemon-Northcutt Road spent the day outside, but kept her eyes on the skies, weary of funnel clouds. The Farm Bureau had 113 claims filed and Allstate received 34.  
Students of the week this week at Dry Ridge Elementary: Caitlyn Anglin and Ryan Case; Grant County Middle School: Trudy Lorenz and Jeremy Huff; Williamstown Independent Schools: Brandon Hurley, Elizabeth Rich and Andres Fabian.

May 15, 1986

Chief District Judge Stan Billingsley and District Judge Stephen L. Bates announced that they chose five Grant County residents to oversee the Foster Care Review Board for Grant County. Being appointed gives the members the responsibility of reviewing all placements of children, including inspection of living conditions. Those chosen were Betty Lawrence, Corine Hudson, Susan P. Arena, Jenny Woods and Warren Hopkins.

The Annual Conservation District Awards Banquet recognized Grant County students. The poster winners were Chrystal Feltner, Carol Ann Kinmon, Travis Taylor, Tiffany York and Joey York. The county’s essay winners were Robert Collier III, Lynnette Crupper, Ralph Blakey and Bonita Lynn Smith.

May 12, 1961

J.B. Flege attended Civil Defense School at the Office of Civil and Defense Mobilizations at the Eastern Training Center in Brooklyn, New York. He was certified by the Health Department and the Kentucky Civil Defense Department on the basis of his past training and interests in this field.

High winds damaged the property of Henry Northcutt, Alton Cammack, Tommy Webster, F.L. Satterwhite, Wesley Tomlin, Leonard Hughes, Roy Parker, Luther Parker and Elmo Jones. Cars were displaced as well as barns collapsed and debris scattered across roadways; homes were unroofed, trees uprooted and tobacco plants were severely damaged.