Turning Back the Clock 4-14-11

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15 Years Ago

April 11, 1996
After dismal tobacco yields hit by dry weather and disease, cattle prices are collapsing. On top of that, feed prices are escalating due to corn shortages. Experts predict that any beef price increases won’t be until the fall of 1997 and that is a minimum.

25 Years Ago
April 10, 1986
The Corinth volunteer fire department has a new chief. Gary Mosley was elected to the post in January.

50 Years Ago
April 14, 1961
Vice-president Lyndon B. Johnson has accepted an invitation to deliver the commencement address at eastern Kentucky State College on June 1. Immediately following the commencement exercises, Vice-president Johnson will help to break ground for a new $1.8 million physical education and athletic plant.
Kentucky’s sales and use tax which became effective July 1, 1960, brought in a total of $57,929.986 in the first nine months of the fiscal year. Of this, $1,430,457 went into the state road fund since it was collected principally on sales of used automobiles, the remaining $56,499, 529 was in  excess of the official estimate of  $54,600,000 for the three-quarters period.
A railroad crossing near Colorado Springs, Colorado, reads: “the average time it takes a train to pass this crossing is 14 seconds whether your car is on it or not.”