Turning Back the Clock 3-10-11

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15 Years Ago

March 7, 1996
Any tobacco or corn producer who did not purchase FCIC insurance last year and is going to grow tobacco or corn during the 1996 crop year needs to come into the farm service agency office and purchase insurance by March 15, 1996. Any producer who had crop insurance in 1995 needs to pay their $50 for the FCIC insurance by July 1, 1996 if they plan to grow tobacco or corn this year.

Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA) was adopted six years ago. Many elements work well, but several areas need improvement. The governor was asked by senate education committee chairman to assemble a task force to perform an 18-month study of KERA before taking any action to fix it.

25 Years Ago
March 6, 1986
The construction of a 14,000 square foot mini-mall was a topic of discussion at the Dry Ridge City Council meeting. Dr. Wilbur Wilson and his brother, Williamstown businessman Bill Wilson will apply for the necessary permits within the next month according to minutes from Monday night’s meeting. Currently a house is located on the site of the future mini mall.

Gallon donors are the “quiet hero’s” of our community. Hoxworth Blood Center gives special recognition to these volunteers. Receiving gallon pints locally were: John Jump, Route 1 box 103 B, Williamstown 2 gallons; Lamar Fowler of Williamstown, James Becker Route of Dry Ridge; Alan Smith of Dry Ridge, and Charles Hooper of Demossville.

50 Years Ago
March 10, 1961
A small tornado ripped through the Keefer community Monday at about 8 a.m. damaging houses, un-roofing several barns and other farm buildings and uprooting large trees. A barn on the farm of Colson Altman was completely demolished, the roof was blown from a pump house on the Joe Colson farm and the roof was lifted from a shed and thrown against an automobile.

Joe Antrobus has completed plans for a skating rink in Williamstown and announced this week that he planned to open about the first of April. The rink will be located in the Pettit Machinery building on N. Main Street. Mr. Pettit will move his stock to the basement and continue operation. The Pettit building was originally built for skating rink by the late James E. Falls.