Track teams have strong showing at GC All-Comers

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For the first time this season, both the Williamstown and Grant County track and field teams got to perform in front of the home crowd, April 17 at Grant County High School.


The Williamstown Lady Demons had the best team performance, placing second in the meet with 59 points, edging out Grant County, who had 56.

Williamstown junior Alex Prokopchak won both the long and triple jump events. She jumped 14 feet, 10 inches in the long jump and 29 feet, 8 ½ inches in the triple jump.

For Prokopchak, it was a new experience.

“I like it,” Prokopchak said. “It is something new for me and I guess I am good at it.”

Prokopchak said she has seen improvement for the Williamstown track team and she contributes that to new teammates.

“We are close as a team and the new athletes have added something to our team and for Williamstown to be recognized as a school that can compete with the bigger ones here down the stretch,” Prokopchak said.

Some key highlights for the Lady Braves track and field team, was the 4x200-meter relay team, who lost their event by a mere 0.01 seconds.

“It was fun,” Lady Braves track sprinter Taylor Cummins said. “That is the best feeling when you are so close to making that push at the end, but unfortunately we fell short.”

Cummins, who had to sit out last track season after having a tumor removed from her leg, is happy to be out there running this season.

“I have run track the longest of any sport I have played here at Grant County,” Cummins said. “In the eighth grade I made it to state and then my freshman year I fell short of making it.. It is a lot better to be back and working on the different workout routines.”

Cummins also placed second in the 200-meter dash with a time of 30.46 seconds, edging out Williamstown’s Caylin Hare by 0.23 seconds.

Williamstown’s Hannah Kinsey ran in five events with her top finish coming in the 800-meter run, placing third with a time of 2:51.87, 12.42 seconds off the pace of Walton-Verona’s Madison Peace.

On the boy’s side, Grant County edged out both Pendleton County (46) and Williamstown (42), placing fourth as a team with 48 points.

The 4x800-meter relay team ran it’s best finish of the season according to Grant County coach Chris Jefferson, 9:08.70, beating Holmes by just under three seconds.

“I thought they had a solid showing,” Jefferson said.

Two keys to that relay team are seniors Danny Hess and Tyler Edmondson. Senior Dillon Ingram and junior Jarred Baker round out the team.

“I feel great,” Hess said. “To be honest we haven’t done a lot of hard training to this point and our personal record is 9 seconds flat. We start a new workout this week and that will help us get faster here at the end of the season.”

Hess placed third in the boy’s 800-meter run with a time of 2:13.65 just 2.34 seconds behind first place finisher, Derrick Shotwell of Boone County.

The 800-meter run is something new for Hess and he said he has been working on building a strong showing in that meet to help with the relay race.

“I really like this event, because it is more of a middle distance race and you have the time to strategize your move,” Hess said. “I like to use my speed and cross country training and use it to my advantage out on the track.”

For Williamstown, seniors Blake Edmondson and Sean Moreland showed their speed at the meet, including a first place finish for Edmondson in the 100-meter dash with a time of 11.61 seconds.

“I just look at our times and see if we are getting better,” Blake Edmondson said.

Edmondson would like to improve his jumping, where he qualified for state last season.

“I’m not sure why I am not jumping as well as I did last season, but I have been running faster this season than last,” Blake Edmondson said.

In order for athletes to qualify for the state meet at the regional meet, you have to finish in the top two spots for each event, then the KHSAA draws from there the next best times for the events to join the the two top finishers at the state meet..

“We have three weeks left before the regional meet,”’ Jefferson said. “We have areas to improve in all events, but I see an effort from each of the athletes and that is something we are going to need to build upon as we get down the stretch here."

The next home meet for Grant County will be the Grant County Invitational on April 27. The meet will start around 5 p.m.

“We have a lot of good teams coming here this week,” Jefferson said. “We have a total of eight schools competing, including Boone County, who I feel is the toughest team in our region to this point.”


Girls 100-m dash - 4, Hannah Kinsey, Williamstown, 14.95, 9, Amber Perkins, Williamstown, 16.06, 10, Cassie Shandel, Grant County, 16.26, 12, Mara Yaeger, Grant County, 16.60, 13, Hannah Barker, Grant County, 16.68, 15, Jourdan Vance, Grant County, 17.32
Girls 200-m dash - 2, Taylor Cummins, Grant County, 30.46, 3, Caylin Hare, Williamstown, 30.69, 6, Kaitlyn Puckett, Grant County, 31.95, 7, Hannah Kinsey, Williamstown, 32.03, 8, Carlie Fossitt, Williamstown, 32.25, 10, Amber Perkins, Williamstown, 33.83, 13, Hannah Barker, Grant County, 36.55, 14, Jourdan Vance, Grant County, 36.80
Girls 400-m dash - 4, Sarah Leonard, Grant County, 1:11.45, 8, Mara Yaeger, Grant County, 1:22.72
Girls 800-m run - 3, Hannah Kinsey, Williamstownm 2:51.87
Girls 4x100-m relay - 3, Grant County, Alexis Willen, Emily Tillman, Kaitlyn Puckett, Taylor Cummins, 1:02.01, Williamstown, Hannah Kinsey, Carlie Fossitt, Megan Perkins, Caylin Hare, DQ interference
Girls 4x200-m relay - 2, Grant County, Sarah Leonard, Alexis WIllen, Emily Tillman, Taylor Cummins, 2:08.80
Girls 4x400-m relay - 2, Williamstown, Hannah Kinsey, Caylin Hare, Carlie Fossitt, Alex Prokopchak, 4:51.85
Girls 100-m hurdles - 3, Brianna Smallwood, Grant County, 21.90
Girls 300-m hurdles - 3, Brianna Smallwood, Grant County, 1:10.21
Girls Long Jump - 1, Alex Prokopchak, Williamstown, 14 feet, 10 inches, 3, Belle Ridder, Williamstown, 12 feet, 9 inches, 5, Courtney Colson, Grant County, 11 feet, 9 inches
Girls Triple Jump - 1, Alex Prokopchak, Williamstown, 29 feet, 8 1/2 inches, 2, Belle Ridder, Williamstown, 25 feet, 7 inches, 3, Courtney Colson, Grant County, 24 feet, 3 1/2 inches
Girls Shot Put - 3, Cassie Shandel, Grant County, 25 feet, 1 inch
Boys 100-m dash - 1, Blake Edmondson, Williamstown, 11.61, 3, Sean Moreland, Williamstown, 11.93, 25, Bryce Stonecipher, Grant County, 14.35, 28, Russell Whitson, Williamstown, 18.34
Boys 200-m dash - 3, Sean Moreland, Williamstown, 24.45, 14, Christian Moates, Grant County, 27.25, 16, Noe Aguazul, Grant County, 27.32, 17, Anthony Cook, Williamstown, 27.92, 21, Bryce Stonecipher, Grant County, 30.08, 23, Shawn Runion, Williamstown, 32.03
Boys 400-m dash - 9, Noe Aguazul, Grant County, 1:00.51, 11, Chris Brann, Williamstown, 1:01.99
Boys 800-m run - 3, Danny Hess, Grant County, 2:13.65, 8, Jarred Baker, Grant County, 2:25.97, 9, Zack Brinker, Grant County, 2:33.42, 16, Dakota Stone, Grant County, 3:12.21
Boys 1,600-m run - 4, Tyler Edmondson, Grant County, 5:03.79, 11, Brett Smith, Grant County, 5:30.49, 12, Easton McClanahan, Williamstown, 5:31.44, 18, Dakota Stone, Grant County, 6:43.15
Boys 3,200-m run - 3, Tyler Edmondson, Grant County, 10:53.65, 6, Brett Smith, Grant County, 12:10.41
Boys 4x100-m relay - 5, Grant County, Christian Moates, Isaiah Leonard, Noe Aguazul, Bryce Stonecipher, 52.36
Boys 4x200-m relay - 3, Grant County, Christian Moates, Isaiah Leonard, Chris Dautreuil, Dillon Ingram, 1:45.60
Boys 4x400-m relay - 3, Grant County, Dillon Ingram, Isaiah Leonard, Danny Hess, Chris Dautreuil, 3:56.86, 4, Williamstown, Sean Moreland, Blake Edmondson, Chris Brann, Easton McClanahan, 3:57.66
Boys 4x800-m relay - 1, Grant County ‘A’, Danny Hess, Dillon Ingram, Tyler Edmondson, Jarred Baker, 9:08.70, 5, Grant County ‘B’, Chris Dautreuil, Isaiah Leonard, Zack Brinker, Brett Smith, 9:32.53
Boys 300-m hurdles - 11, Brayden Hurst, Grant County, 54.71
Boys Long Jump - 4, Blake Edmondson, Williamstown, 18 feet, 11 inches
Boys Triple Jump -  3, Blake Edmondson, Williamstown, 37 feet, 8 inches
Boys Shot Put - 3, Quade Simpson, Williamstown, 40 feet, 10 inches, 7, Tristion Hall, Grant County, 32 feet, 8 inches, 9, Eric Mann, Grant County, 29 feet, 9 inches, 10, Mark Warner, Grant County,29 feet, 2 inches

Female Scores - 1, Walton-Verona, 190, 2, Williamstown, 59, 3, Grant County, 56, 4, Pendleton County, 26, 5, Holmes, 16, 6, Calvary Christian, 8

Male Scores - 1, Boone County, 139, 2, Walton-Verona, 107, 3, Holmes, 95, 4, Grant County, 48, 5, Pendleton County, 46, 6, Williamstown, 42, 7, Calvary Christian, 2