Touch of Red features Hurd's pencil art

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By Deborah Lucas Angel

Each near photo-perfect black and white drawing has some red in it. 

Some are mere dots of crimson.  Others are splashes of scarlet.  Still more drip drops of rubies. 

No matter the subject, each has a “touch of red.”  Through April 15, you can see these cardinal kisses in the pencil artwork at the latest Community Enrichment Through The Arts (CETA) Artist of the Month exhibit at the Grant County Tourism Office Art Exhibit:  “A Touch of Red” by Don Hurd.

Dressed in black with a gray pullover sweater, resembling a business executive on casual Friday,  Hurd’s face softens and a gentle smile emerges when he talks about creating “memories for people” with his “picture from picture” artwork. 

For the past three years, Hurd has created these memories for people as well as some of his own, putting pencil to paper and recreating their photos of buildings into seemingly simple works of art. 

Everything from the Rabbit Hash General Store—replete with the original Mayor Junior in front of it—to home places in Michigan; Hurd has brought history and memories to his patrons.

His next project will be to draw “the Brooklyn Bridge…to hang side by side” his rendering of the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge on the Ohio River between Cincinnati and Covington.

Hurd said the touch of red “just happened.” 

“A ‘Touch of Red’ is my signature.  I decided to put the touch in one time and decided to keep it.,” he said.

You can find that touch of red in various places from the stripes in a flag to roses on a bush; flames in a lamp and flowers in a pot.

Originally from “outside Youngstown, outside Salem, Ohio” Hurd is trained in business, specifically commercial art. 

Although at one time he did artwork for his church’s bulletins and Christmas bulletin, early on he “put (artwork) on the back burner, (and moved) on with business career.

Now that he is semi-retired, he devotes his days to artwork and “works in the evenings.”

For more information, see Hurd’s exhibit at the Tourism office in the Outlet Mall or call 859 824 3451 or Hurd at 859-586-8509 or COHurd@zoomtown.com.