Times are tough all over

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz



Community news or the snippets of life that matter to  Grant County people are the backbone of any community newspaper.

That news is important to the Grant County News and it’s important to me as your community newspaper editor.

In the 20 years I’ve been in the news business, my philosophy is that if it’s important to you to take the time to drive it to us or fax it to us or mail it to us or e-mail it to us, then it’s important to us to see that gets printed.

In year’s past that’s never been much of an issue. Sometimes you might have to wait a couple weeks for something to get printed, but it nearly always made it to print.

But folks, times are tough. I don’t know how else to say it. As more people are cutting back on the amount they are spending at local businesses, the businesses are cutting back on the amount they are spending on advertising which means less space to publish submitted items as well as less space for multiple photos of an event.

After Williamstown’s Derby Day festival earlier this month, I received a complaint that we didn’t publish enough Derby Day photos. The staff took hundreds of photos, like we do at most events we cover. We published as many as we had room for and put more on our Web site.

Even the church news isn’t sacred. Since space has become tighter, I’ve had to edit the church news section with a sharper pen and often times cut out much of the spiritual message that is included, which allows more room for upcoming events.

I know this hasn’t been a popular decision with some of our contributors, but it was a necessary one.

I wrote a column back in January about how we would be making tough choices about how we cover the community.

My pledge was and still is to be the most comprehensive source for news in Grant County. That’s always been our mission and will continue to be our mission as long as I’m here.

Your community news is important and always will be, but I must remind you that with tough times come tough choices. 

Some items that were once published free, may now have to be paid for to be published. Some items that we used to publish multiple times, may only get published once and any other times as space allows.

If the businesses are hurting that means households are hurting and making tough choices.

I know, personally, that we’ve cut back on some things in our house because of the economic times we’re living in. I know there are families in Grant County who are struggling to put food on the table and to just pay their everyday living expenses.

I’m working on a story or series of stories about how the economy is affecting our community and how Grant Countians are finding ways to take vacations or spend less money this summer. If you’ve been impacted by the economy or are finding ways to cut back and yet, still, have fun, then e-mail me at j.bakernantz@fuse.net and share your story. We will be printing these in upcoming issues.

The Grant County News has been around since 1906. We plan on being here another 100 plus years and continuing to serve the community.

Economic analysts say that we will rebound. It may take awhile, but things will get better.

I know we’ll all breathe easier when it does.


(Jamie Baker-Nantz is editor of the Grant County News. She can be reached at 859-824-3343 or by e-mail at j.bakernantz@fuse.net)