Thanks to a helpful community

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By The Staff

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who has supported me in Grant County. For the past 10 ½ years, I got to do what most people never get to do, which is to have their dream job! I got to fulfill a dream of coaching basketball at Grant County High School, my alma mater.

There are so many people that I need to thank and I am sure I will forget someone and I am sorry for doing so. Here are a few who helped me on my career path: Joyce Doyle who hired me as coach in the summer of 1999. Coach Bob Eades who prepared me for four years to take over when he retired. Don Martin, Mike Hibbett and other central office staff who have supported me as head coach.

A special thanks goes to Athletic Director Scott Shipp who supported me in several difficult circumstances. Those are just some of the school personnel that had an impact on me and my coaching career. I also want to thank my many assistant coaches: Joe Utter, Dustin Plunkett, Shawn West, Mark Cummins, Tyler Jones, Josh Grooms, Jason West, Bill Simpkins, Steve Kellam and Lenny Whalen. No one coach can do it alone.

My support staff needs to be thanked because they made coaching easy. Those folks include Ronnie Noel, Barry Kinman, Dwayne Smith, Bill Wessell, Matt Morgan, Mark Hudson, and the many others that helped in so many ways.

I can’t thank Booster President Bobby Burgess and his wife, Kathy, enough for the work that they put in to help make our program a success.

A special thanks to Ott Reed at Farm Bureau, Dennis Rich and Craig Houchens at Forcht Bank, Grant County Drugs and Piles Chevrolet. There are many others, but I do not have time or space to list them all, but these are a few local businesses who helped support the program year end and year out.

I would be wrong if I didn’t thank my players and their parents. I know that every decision I made wasn’t always right, but I always tried to do what I thought was right for the program and all players. Sometimes, this meant hurting a player unintentionally and I am sorry for that, but I stand for the decisions that I made. Players, you made coaching fun! There are so many memories that I will never forget! From coaching my first game, the trip home from San Antonio, the summer games at Western Kentucky University and the upset wins over big schools Oldham County, Shelby County and Anderson County. I will never forget the district tournament win over Scott County and the sense of accomplishment on the young men’s faces that night.

My memories won’t just be the wins. I will also remember the practices at Ashland, Madison Southern and an 11 p.m. practice one night. I will remember taking players onto planes for their first plane ride to trips to San Antonio, Phoenix, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale. I will remember the tears of young men who gave me their heart and soul and cried like babies when their careers were over. These are the best memories I will have as my time as coach.

Lastly, but not least I want to thank my wife, Jamie, and my children, Kyle, Stephanie and Katie, as well as my extended family for their support. They allowed a grown man to chase a dream that involved a ball and a court. They sacrificed so much time and worked so hard to be supportive and I can never thank them enough.

I am sorry that we never got to the Sweet Sixteen (my goal), but I have no regrets in the decisions that I made as coach. I tried to always carry myself with class and dignity and I hope that Grant County High School and this community know I only wanted what was best for them. As I close, I always said in order to be a successful program it takes three parts: a commitment from 1. players and parents, 2. coaches, and 3. administration.

I would like to add a fourth part, community. We have that here. Let’s keep the success going. I always tried to remind my players that success is not always measured in wins and losses. Over the last 10 ½ years we won about 50 percent of the time, some would say that is not successful enough. However, from where I sit tonight and watch the players I coached grow into successful young men, I would say we had success. Thank you for letting me be a part of it! I will never forget it!

(Editor’s Note: Ron Kinmon resigned as head boy’s basketball coach at Grant County High School at the end of December and as principal at the Grant County Alternative School to become the district’s director of operations.)